Gone From Home

Gone From Home

by Adam Goodwin | 2013 | Posted: November 20, 2013 | Last Updated: November 21, 2013


As a child and teenager, when I entered my family’s home, there was always a sign that said, “Home is where the heart is.”   This is true.  Ask other family members, friends, and visitors who have visited my home.


Throughout history, there have been many genocides. People have been killed solely because of where they lived. In the third world (genocides happen throughout the world, too – just look at Hitler for a recent example). These brutal, gruesome killings, are happening right now in the third world.


The United Nations, the worldly organisation that has done much good (they can do fantastic work when allowed by member nations), repeatedly calls for genocides to stop. Member nations have written multiple declarations calling for genocides to stop. This has not worked.

Nations have sent in armed forces into areas of genocide to help combat the killers. This has not worked (it may stop a specific genocide, but has not stopped killings from starting).

Magnificent organizations such as the Red Cross, War Child, and Free the Children have worked hard and for many years to develop grass-roots programs to try and stop the murders. This has definitely helped mitigate the extent to some of the killings, but has not stopped the deaths of millions of innocent young boys and girls.

What will work? What will finally put an end to this evil work?  The killings, brutal rapings of the innocent, and injuries to bystanders and those trying to bring peace for all.

Possible Solutions

Someone should not die solely based on the fact they are Canadian or American. Just because they have black skin. Just because they believe in Allah instead of God (or God instead of Buddha).  Someone should die due to illness and natural causes.  Never should death come from another human being.

We must work to educate every young child, every teenager, every young adult, about the powers of tolerance of differences. We must give them inner peace with who they are, what they can control, and how they can act, to promote world peace and #peace4all.

Why?  Because the hearts of many of these children, these young people, are where their families live.  In the regions and countries they grew up in.  This is their home.  We cannot, and should not remove them.

We must instead remove the hatred and confusion from all civilizations.  We must educate about the positives and beauty of differences of beliefs, values, opinions, and attitudes.

This is not easy.  There is complicated and very long histories of hatred ingrained in many individual’s heritage, teachings, culture, and day-to-day lives.  This change will not, and likely should not, happen overnight.  We must day in and day out to help free these the world from hatred and killings.

Day-to-day Solution

Those lucky enough to have the freedom and technology to read this blog post, must re-evaluate how we all see differences between individuals, groups, communities, regions, and nations. See the positives in how someone does or thinks differently than you. Find the world’s beauty in its diversity of its people and animals. The alternative, have 7 billion robots who act, think, do, and speak the same. This is a world I do not wish to live in. It is rather boring, come to think of it.

Along with the right to life and respect, victims of genocides also have a right to live in their homes and on their land. Removing them isn’t a long-term solution, and one that will quickly lead to larger issues. We must find a way to let everyone have their own home. Somewhere where they put their heart into their home. Every single individual deserves this and has this right.

A Call To Action

Those who live in areas with freedoms of speech, must pressure organizations, business and community leaders, governments, and intra-governmental organizations (e.g., the United Nations) to enact more human-centred laws, policies, and philosophies.

Further Reading

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These are one person’s thoughts and opinions.  I welcome and strive to get your feedback and own thoughts. Feel free to comment below or connect with me via social media.

Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom, and is a proud shameless idealist. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada and around the rainbow nation’s only home. Follow his year+ overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin) and on this blog.


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  1. Such wise, thoughtful words Adam, it could not have come at a better time. I came to this far away, sad country of poverty and fighting to ‘PLANT SEEDS’ I said, but have become very impatient in watching them ‘GROW’. Wanting to see TODAY, not months or years down the road, the FRUIT OF MY LABOR !! You have just reminded me of the reason I have built a COMMUNITY BOARD in our classroom that is filled with photographs of my wee Students,, their parents,( whom are either doctors, actors, shop owners, engineers etc), a picture of me and my family; the Nanny’s, maintenance man, gardener……..on and on, the board grows everyday as we walk around the school taking pictures and the kids take great delight in tacking them onto the board. We talk daily about the IMPORTANCE of ALL THESE people, regardless of their skin color, job description, type of the car they drive,, where they live, what they eat etc etc etc…… “WE ARE ALL FRIENDS, RIGHT MRS SHEILA?” is the MUSIC TO MY EARS and the FRUIT OF MY LABOR each time we talk about our COMMUNITY BOARD !!!
    Thank You Adam Goodwin for CARING and SHARING the way you do! I love you my ‘gentle son’ !!

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