Annual Applause Campaign – Red Deer Symphony Orchestra (by Adam Goodwin)

Annual Applause Campaign – Red Deer Symphony Orchestra


by Adam Goodwin | 2017 | Last Updated: April 12, 2017


Did you know that the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra is the only professional performing arts organization in central Alberta?  We reach over 15,000 sets of ears with our music and community programs each and every year.  

Research has found that applause spreads linearly and is contagious.  If one person begins clapping, new people begin clapping at a rate proportional to how many are already clapping. Named as such, we want our Annual Applause Campaign to work the same way as a round of applause! Giving feels good and we’ve done our best to make it easy.  The idea is to comfortably give what you can and then share this campaign with your own circle of influence to help us reach our fundraising goal.

First-time donors can claim an additional 25 per cent “super credit” on the first $1,000 donated.  This temporary credit supplements the usual charitable donation tax credit and can be claimed once in the tax years 2013 to 2017.  If you are a regular philanthropist, you would not be considered a first time donor but will still receive a significant tax benefit for your charitable giving!  Here’s a quick break down of what your Provincial and Federal (total) tax credits can work out to:

First Time Donation                    Total Tax Credits          Regular Donation         Total Tax Credits

$25                                                       $12.75                                   $25                                       $6.50

$100                                                      $51                                        $100                                      $26

$200                                                     $102                                       $200                                      $52

$500                                                     $327                                      $500                                     $202

$700                                                     $477                                      $700                                     $302

$1,000                                                  $702                                     $1,000                                  $452

This is our third Annual Applause Campaign, which to date, has raised in excess of $20,000 in support of our annual performances and community programs. Throughout 2016-17 we have been working hard on introducing new programs, concerts, and events with the hope of ending our fiscal year in a position that will ensure the continued operation of our organization.

For the last 30 years we have been very proud to serve our community and we want you to know that you are a huge part of our success.

Help the Red Deer Symphony Orchestra play on by donating to and sharing the Annual Applause Campaign today!

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