Personal Bucket List: Updated January 2017 (by Adam Goodwin)

Personal Bucket List

by Adam Goodwin  | 2017 | Last Updated: January 2017


This bucket list is meant to encourage readers to look back and reflect on how much each of us has done in our lives up to today.  To reflect on the journey and feelings of completing an item on the list, rather than life just to check things off the list.

This list has three major sections: completed bucket list items (items I have crossed off); in-progress bucket list items (currently working towards completing); to be started bucket list items (items I hope to cross off in the future).

The March/June 2015 Bucket List can be accessed by clicking here. The March 2016 Bucket List can be accessed by clicking here.  The June 2016 Bucket List can be accessed by clicking here.

Completed Bucket List Items

These are items that  have now been completed (in approximate reverse chronological order):

  • Attend a performance in one of New York City’s marquee performing arts centres (e.g., Carnegie Hall, Metro Opera House) – Carnegie Hall, Spring 2017 (confirmed);
  • Complete a Master’s degree – Winter 2017;
  • Visit at least 20 American states – Fall 2016 (see list below);
  • Visit 10 Olympic villages – Fall 2016 (see list below);
  • Work in all three sectors (i.e., for-profit, government, non-profit) – Summer 2016;
  • Published author – April 2016;
  • Exchange contact information with someone at a world trade centre – December 2015;
  • Live performance in the Sydney Opera House – December 2015;
  • See some of Australia’s most famous animals in the wild – Kangaroo, Wallaby, Wombat, Tasmanian Devil, Snake, December 2015;
  • Visit all 4 hemispheres – November 2015;
  • Cross the international date line – November 2015;
  • Take a train through the Rocky Mountains – Via Rail, 2015;
  • Use a fake name when ordering a drink/food – Starbucks, 2015;
  • Conduct an interview with an Olympian – 2014;
  • Be an uncle – 2014;
  • Get a tattoo – 2014;
  • Watch Le Tour de France in-person – Europe, 2014;
  • Attend The Championships Wimbledon – Europe, 2014;
  • Stay at a five star, beach front resort – Africa, April 2014;
  • Stand on top of a (inactive) volcano – Africa, April 2014;
  • Trek through the world’s largest (sand) desert – Sahara Desert, April 2014;
  • Take part in a day of silence to raise awareness – We Are Silent, April 2014;
  • Participate in an international letter writing campaign – Amnesty, 2014;
  • Send a letter to a solider – 2014;
  • Stand at degree zero in Greenwhich, UK – London, UK, 2014;
  • Visit 15 mega-stadiums/arenas – 2014 (full list at note 1);
  • See Royalty in person – HRH Prince Harry of the British Royal Family, 2014;
  • Participate in a legal in-person protest – Spain, 2014;
  • Go to a movie theatre solo – Spain, 2014;
  • Eat an exotic animal – UK, 2014;
  • Participate in a global New Year’s celebration – London, 2013/14;
  • Visit a school on the continent of Africa – 2013;
  • Dress up as Santa Clause and visit children – 2013;
  • Get detained by police/authorities – Africa, 2013;
  • Make it into Ian Cameron’s pointy picture record books – 2013;
  • Celebrate a full evening of Hanukkah – UK, 2013;
  • Visit 30 of the world’s Global Cities before the age of 30 – 2013 (full list at note 2);
  • Volunteer overseas – Europe, 2013;
  • Find someone’s wallet and return it to them with everything intact – UK, 2013;
  • Get 10,000 readers on my blog – Thank you!, 2013;
  • Participate in a charity event overseas – Terry Fox Run, 2013;
  • Live and work overseas – United Kingdom, 2013;
  • Drive on the Autobahn – Germany, 2013;
  • Sleep under the stars – USA, 2013;
  • Stare at the Grand Canyon for ten minutes – Arizona, 2013;
  • Help someone in need – 2013;
  • Dance in the rain – 2013;
  • Eat ice cream for breakfast – Vanilla, 2013;
  • Plant a tree – 2013;
  • Have a perfect day – 2013;
  • Find paradise – Okanagan, 2013;
  • Say no – 2013;
  • Get a mention by a major celebrity on a social media channel – Brett Wilson, 2013;
  • Intentionally drive through a red light – 2013;
  • Go up/down the down/up escalator – IKEA, 2013;
  • Re-gift a gift – 2013;
  • Polar bear swim – Okanagan, 2013;
  • Skinny dip – Okanagan, 2013;
  • Have someone tell you that you have helped them cross off a bucket list item – 2013;
  • Find a street sign with my name – Amsterdam, 2012;
  • Make the front page of a major newspaper – Daily Courier, 2012;
  • Visit the only remaining Wonder of the Ancient World – Egypt, 2012;
  • See pyramids of Egypt – 2012;
  • Visit a lighthouse – Turkey, 2012;
  • Stay up all night – 2012;
  • Ride an exotic animal – Camel, 2012;
  • Have someone tell you that you have helped them accomplish a goal – UBC, 2012;
  • Start a blog – Adam Goodwin’s blog, 2012;
  • Be a broadcastor on a live sports broadcast – UBC Heat Athletics, 2012;
  • Watch a meteor shower – 2012;
  • Write a thank you note to someone – 2012;
  • Pull an airplane – Okanagan United Way, 2012;
  • Fly an airplane – Vancouver, 2012;
  • Party on the Vegas Strip – Las Vegas, 2012;
  • Sing the national anthem at a live sporting event – UBC Heat Athletics, 2012;
  • Be interviewed for TV – Shaw, 2011;
  • Push every button in an elevator then exit – Vancouver, 2011;
  • Cook a meal for the hungry – Kelowna Gospel Mission, 2011;
  • Get in a taxi and say, ‘follow that car’ – Vancouver, 2011;
  • Ride in the trunk of a car – Montreal, 2010;
  • Learn CPR – 2010;
  • See a dolphin in person – Georgia Strait, 2009;
  • Fail a university assignment – UBC, 2009;
  • Attend the world’s largest jazz musical festival – Montreal Jazz Festival, 2008;
  • Visit Ground Zero in NYC – 2007;
  • Go to a show on Broadway – Phantom of the Opera, 2007;
  • Go on a real adventure – Bowron Lakes, 2006;
  • Go mini golfing – 2006;
  • Be in a parade – IPE, 2006;
  • Photo with a celebrity – Ben Johnson, 2006;
  • Ride one of the world’s fastest roller coasters – Alberta, 2005;
  • Paintball – Okanagan, 2004;
  • Break a bone – Wrist, 2000;
  • See the Northern Lights – 1999;
  • See a film in a drive-in – Okanagan, 1998;
  • Drive a car before licensed – 1995;
  • Ride in an emergency vehicle – BC, 1993;
  • Visit Alaska – 1991;
  • Be the youngest person on the planet – Birth

Completed List Notes

  1. Visit at least 20 American states: Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, D.C., Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Mississipi, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Washington.
  2. Visit 10 Olympic villages: Barcelona, Calgary, Lake Placid, London, Melbourne, Montreal, Munich, St. Louis, Sydney, Vancouver/Whistler.
  3. Visit 15 mega-stadiums/arenas: Arsenal Football Stadium; BC Place, Camp Nou, Czech Stadium, Key Arena (Seattle), London Olympic Stadium, Madison Square Gardens, Montreal Olympic Stadium, Munich Olympic Stadium, O2 Arena, Rogers Stadium, Rome’s Coliseum, Seattle Mariners Baseball, Wembley Stadium;
  4. Visit 30 of the world’s Global Cities before the age of 30: Alexandria, Amman, Amsterdam, Cairo, Calgary, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Liverpool, Los Angeles, London, Montreal, Munich, New York, Ottawa, Portland, Prague, Rome, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose, Seattle, Stuttgart, Toronto, Washington DC, Winnipeg, Vancouver

In Progress Bucket List Items

  • Visit every continent (see note 1);
  • Visit every Canadian province and territory (see note 2);
  • Visit every Canadian provincial/territorial capital (see note 3);
  • Visit every major region in the world (see note 4);
  • Visit 30 countries before the age of 30 (see note 5);
  • Visit 20 of National Geographic’s Places to Visit in Canada (see note 6);
  • Visit 50 Global Cities before 50 (see note 7);
  • Listen to 30 famous/influential people speak in public (see note 8);
  • Watch ten live Broadway-style shows (see note 9);
  • Watch fifteen live performances of the fine performing arts (see note 10);
  • Listen to fifteen A-list performers in-person (see note 11);
  • Watch fireworks in 20 different cities (see note 12);
  • Visit 20 towers/tall buildings (see note 13);
  • Visit 30 stadiums/arenas (see note 14);
  • Visit 10 of the 20 most populous cities in the world (see note 15);
  • Visit all 5 oceans (see note 16);
  • Visit all of the five Great Lakes (see note 17);
  • Visit all of Canada’s Seven Wonders (see note 18);

In Progress List Notes

  1. Visit every continent – completed: Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, North America [Antarctica and South America remaining];
  2. Visit every Canadian province and territory – completed: Alberta, BC, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan;
  3. Visit every Canadian provincial and territorial capitol – completed: Edmonton, AB, Quebec City, QC, Regina, SK, Toronto, ON, Winnipeg, MB, Victoria, BC;
  4. Visit every major region in the world (as defined by geographers) – completed: Australasia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East, North Africa, North America, Western Europe. To complete: Central Africa, Central Asia, East and South Africa, Japan, South America, South Asia;
  5. Visit 30 countries before 30 – completed: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Great Britain, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City (completed: 25);
  6. Visit 20 of National Geographic’s Places to Visit in Canada – completed: Canadian Badlands, Jasper and Banff, Montreal, Muskoka, Niagara Falls, Okanagan, Ottawa, Quebec City, Toronto, Algonquin Islands in Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria (completed: 13);
  7. Visit 50 Global Cities before 50 – completed: see 30 before 30 (2013), plus: Barcelona, Belfast, Casablanca, Chicago, Cleveland, Detroit, Dublin, Glasgow, Melbourne, Miami, Milan, Orlando, Paris, Reykjavik, St. Louis, Sydney, Vienna (completed: 19);
  8. Listen to 30 famous/influential people speak in public – completed: Allison McNeill, Brett Lawrie, Craig Kielburger, David Cameron, David Cox, David Suzuki, Desmond Tutu, Dick Pound, Gary Neville, John Furlong, Lord Paul Boateng, Lord Rumi Verjee, Magic Johnson, Mala, Marc Kielburger, HRH Prince Harry, Richard Branson, Richard Peddie, Dr. Samantha Nutt, Scott Oakes, Scott Russel, Stephen Toope (O.C.), Steve Nash (O.C.), The Buried Life, Trevor Linden, The Right Honourable Kim Campbell, Vice President Al Gore, Hon. Yonah Martin (completed: 27);
  9. Watch 10 live Broadway-style shows – completed: Billy Elliot, Book of Mormon, Les Mis, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Wicked (completed: 7);
  10. Listen to 15 live performances of the performing arts – completed: Aida, Czech Symphony, Merry Moore Christmas, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, The Nutcracker, Okanagan Symphony Orechestra, Riverdance, Swan Lake (completed: 8);
  11. Listen to 15 A-list performers in-person – completed: Bryan Adams, Demi Lavota, Ellie Goulding, Elton John, Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bon Jovi, One Republic (completed: 7);
  12. Watch fireworks in 20 different cities – completed: Armstrong, Battle, Cairo, Detroit, Enderby, Kelowna, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Salmon Arm, San Francisco, Sussex, Vancouver, Vernon, Windsor (complete: 15);
  13. Visit 20 towers/tall buildings – completed: Cairo Tower, Calgary Tower, CN Tower, Empire State Building, Munich Olympic Tower, Rockfeller Centre, Seattle’s Space Needle, Vancouver Sear’s Tower, Willis/Sears Tower (completed: 8);
  14. Visit 30 stadiums/arenas – completed: see visit 15 stadiums, plus Comerica Park, Ford Field, Joe Louis Arena, Lake Placid’s Herb Brooks Arena, Laugaralsvollur (Iceland), Milan Arena, The Ohio State Football Stadium, The Oval (cricket), United Centre (Chicago) (completed: 9);
  15. Visit 10 of the top 20 most populous cities in the world – completed: Cairo, Guangzhou (China), Los Angeles, Istanbul, London, New York City (completed: 5);
  16. Visit all 5 oceans – completed: Atlantic, Indian, Pacific (to be completed: Arctic and Southern);
  17. See all five Great Lakes – completed: Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan, Lake Ontario;
  18. See the Seven Wonders of Canada – completed: Niagara Falls, Northern Lights, and Rocky Mountains (to be completed: Sleeping Giant, Bay of Fundy, Cabot Trail, and Nahanni National Park Reserve).

To Be Started List

  • Help an older adult cross the road;
  • Drive across Canada;
  • Skydive;
  • Run a marathon;
  • Donate blood;
  • Climb a mountain (10000+ feet);
  • Fly a helicopter;
  • Watch an Olympic sporting event in-person;
  • Go on a cruise;
  • Get a slow ticket;
  • Sit in the jumper seat of a commercial flight;
  • Hold a lethal snake;
  • Watch a rocket ship take off;
  • Save a hamster from a burning building;
  • Bungee jump;
  • Buy a home;
  • White water rafting;
  • Hold up a free high five sign;
  • Pick up a hitchhiker;
  • Solve a Rubick’s Cube;
  • Go crowd surfing;
  • Go on a silent retreat;
  • Stand on the equator;
  • Get a picture with a state leader (e.g., PM, Pope, Dalai Lama);
  • Front row at an A-list concert;
  • Eat a square watermelon;
  • Meet great, great grandkids;
  • Sleep on a beach;
  • Drive a high end luxury car;
  • Tye die a shirt;
  • Ride in a high speed train;
  • Pass a lie detector test;
  • Send a message in a bottle;
  • Ride in a monster truck;
  • Get verified by Twitter;
  • Published author;
  • Stay in an ice hotel;
  • Jump off a bridge into water;
  • See a lantern festival;
  • Buy a homeless person a meal;
  • Go into an airport and buy a ticket for a random flight;
  • Write something in wet cement;
  • Get the word adamufhf in the Scrabble dictionary;
  • Travel to a country that has an Avoid All Travel designation from the Government of Canada;
  • Complete a 1000 piece puzzle;
  • Sneak into a highly secured area;
  • Have a shark attack the cage I am in;
  • Be a member of the audience of a TV/movie filming;
  • Be on a talk show; and
  • See BC’s spirit bear in person.

Your Bucket List

Take a few moments and share what is on your bucket list.  Perhaps, it is as simple as starting your own bucket list.

Call to Action

Share items on your own, personal bucket list by commenting below or sharing on social media!


These are one person’s ideas, thoughts, and opinions. What do you think? We welcome your feedback and/or opinion! Feel free to comment on this blog post or connect via social media.
Adam Goodwin is a Canadian who has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. He has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from UBC, and a Master’s from the University of Windsor. He is a proud introvert and silent leader. He has traveled to 50 major global cities around the world, and has worked in, with, and across all three sectors (business, non-profit, and public). He has family and friends around the world. Follow his travels, work, projects and thoughts by following his blog (click on the bottom right-hand corner to sign up for weekly email notifications).

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