Introvert Bucket List: July 2016

Introvert Bucket List: Updated July 2016

by Adam Goodwin | 2016 | Last Updated:  July 2016

Introvert Bucket List

As an introvert in an extroverted world, for the past several years, I have been compiling an introvert bucket list (see an early version by clicking here), in addition to my larger bucket list (click here for the June 2016 edition).    This list is meant to illustrate some of the mystique of being and behind introverts.

The List

This is a dynamic and living list.  If you wish to add something, please comment below!

  • If a university/college student, run for a position on the student council/executive/office of a student group/club (sent in by a reader – thank you!);
  • Teach the world the power of introverts;
  • Teach the world it is okay to be an introvert;
  • Initiate many social activities;
  • Meet Susan Cain (an introvert ‘expert’);
  • Just go crazy;
  • Get a career in public events;
  • Be shy (as this is a common misconception) (sent in by a reader – thank you!);
  • Get out a lot during the week (sent in by a reader– thank you!);
  • Be the one to initiate a social event;
  • Really, really enjoy a phone call;
  • Truly enjoy an interruption when deep in thought;
  • Just speak what is on your mind (don’t think first);
  • Reveal everything you know;
  • Not change anything about you (sent in by a reader – thank you!);
  • Don’t stop being you;
  • Being centre of attention;
  • Be more outgoing;
  • Have beer and chips (crisps) with an Irishman in New York City;
  • Give hugs (sent in by a reader – thank you!);
  • For one moment, truly feel: this gathering needs a lot more people;
  • Stay until the very end of a party/social gathering;
  • Think out loud; and
  • Get your energy from those around you for one event.

What do you think? Have something to add? Like the list? Hate the list? Let us know by commenting below or sharing on social media (@adam13goodwin on Twitter)!

Your Call to Action

What ‘un’-introverted thing have you done recently? Feel free to add to the list by commenting below!

Further Reading

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Adam Goodwin is a Canadian who has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America. He has a Bachelor’s in Kinesiology from UBC, and a Master’s from the University of Windsor. He is a proud introvert and silent leader. He has traveled to 50 major global cities around the world, and has worked in, with, and across all three sectors (business, non-profit, and public). He has family and friends around the world. Follow his travels, work, projects and thoughts by following his blog (click on the bottom right-hand corner to sign up for weekly email notifications).


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