The Animals of Australia – Photos (by Adam Goodwin)

The Animals of Australia – Photos

by Adam Goodwin | 2016 | Last Updated: March 27, 2016


I spent a chunk of November and December 2015 in Australia (a few blog posts about the trip: Canberra and Hobart and Melbourne and Sydney). Before traveling, I was looking forward to seeing four animals in the wild: a kangaroo, koala,  tasmanian devil, wallaby, and wombat. I was able to see the kangaroo, tasmanian devil, wallaby, and wombat, so next time, Mr. Koala, watch out!

The Animals of Australia

Below are a few of the better photos of the animals I was able to see in the wild.

Wombat Australia Adam Goodwin TravelThe above photo is of a wombat.

The below photo is of a kangaroo. I was able to hunt a court of kangaroos to capture some photos during a four day hiking trip in Tasmania.

Kangaroo Australia Adam Goodwin Travel

The last photo, below, is of a Tasmanian devil. They typically only come out at night, and are pretty quick – sadly, my camera is not good at capturing either of these types of photos.

Tasmanian Devil Australia Adam Goodwin Travel

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  1. Thanks for sharing your great photos………. I would one day love to go to Australia and see these animals myself!!

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