Canada: World’s Freest Country (by Adam Goodwin)

Canada: World’s Freest Country

by Adam Goodwin | 2015 | Last Updated: November 8, 2015

Canada Ranked as World’s Freest Country

There was recently much hype in Canadian media about Canada being ranked as the world’s freest country. Both the Globe and Mail, and National Post, Canada’s national newspaper, published articles about the report, and attributed the freedom to the just-ousted Conservative national party (see story about Canada’s 42nd election).


However, there was a mis-step in both journalists’ logic. If both papers said that Harper was responsible for Canadians’ freedom (I am not agreeing or disagreeing with this argument) then this a major flaw in their arguments. And here’s why.

If a country’s national government (in the case of the Conservatives, one man, Harper, had all of the control), is the only social institution that can effect or impact a citizen’s freedom, then how truly free is that country? That means that one man, again in the case of the Big Cs, controls whether Canadians were or were not free. In my view, that is not freedom.

Two Thoughts

Therefore, I have two thoughts. Either the papers are correct (and I should note that many other media attributed the freedom to Harper) and the federal government is the only institution that controls Canadians’ freedom, or both journalists (and their respective editors who published the features) are wrong. For my sake, my family’s sake, my friend’s sake, and my fellow Canadians’ sake, I hope it is the latter.

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