Increase Collaborations in Windsor: A Letter in the Windsor Star (by Adam Goodwin)

Increase Collaborations in Windsor: A Letter in the Windsor Star

by Adam Goodwin | 2015 | Last Updated: August 20, 2015


It was recently announced that Windsor, Ontario’s newest aquatic complex was $1.5 million over its operational budget (Windsor Star article here). In response, I wrote a letter to the Windsor Star, calling for increased collaboration between universities (i.e., departments of sport management) and cities (e.g., a city’s sport and recreation policies). The main reason for writing the letter is that there is a lack of subject matter experts (e.g., professors) brought into the conversation when developing sport policies.

The letter is below.

The Newspaper Letter

Adam Goodwin Windsor SportThe Text of the Letter

If you cannot read the clip above, the letter reads:

Today’s Windsor Star story highlights the importance and role of best practices in ensuring effective, efficient, and sustainable sport and recreation policies and facilities for Windsor-Essex County.

Basing the complex’s plans off a visit and study of Kelowna, B.C.’s H2) Centre is poor practice. Kelowna is very different to Windsor in terms of demographics, economy and industry. I should know, I grew up in Kelowna.

What did the politicians truly learn during the trip when Kelowna’s facility is in a residential neighbourhood, yet Windsor built the complex downtown?

What many area politicians seem to easily forget is that Windsor is home to one of the best sport management programs in the world (ranked third in the world in 2013).

The area’s politicians should stop being so reliant on decision-making that may result in a few extra votes and use the best practices and evidence available from some of Canada’s leading sport and recreation researchers and students.

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