Australia in November (by Adam Goodwin)

Australia in November

by Adam Goodwin | 2015 | Last Updated: July 6, 2015

Ireland in September

In September, I head to Ireland, home of the Irish (…) to present at the annual European Association of Sport Management conference! This will be my second trip to Ireland (click here to read a blog post about my previous trip). To read more about the trip to Ireland in September, you can click a May 2015 blog post by clicking here.

Australia in November

Recently, we (the team of researchers I work with and I) found out that a conference oral presentation abstract was accepted to SMAANZ (Sport Management Association of Australia and New Zealand)! The conference takes place in Tasmania, Australia.  We will be presenting on charity sport events and how those that participate believe they are making a difference.

I will be the only individual from the University of Windsor at this conference.

It will be a fantastic experience – intellectually, adventure-wise, and personally. Look for future blog posts about the trip.

Your Call to Action

In January 2015, I posted a blog post titled, Free Fundraiser (click here to read). By participating in the free fundraiser (free for both you and I), you automatically provide me with $50 towards completing my graduate studies and paying for my journey and travel to Australia.

Alternatively, you can donate directly to the Adam Goodwin Fund for Sport Participation Research (click here).

All monies go directly towards supporting my graduate work and presentations at various regional, national, and global conferences and workshops.

Further Reading

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