Birthday Week (Birthweek?) (by Adam Goodwin)

Birthday Week (Birthweek?)

by Adam Goodwin | 2015 | Last Updated: April 29, 2015

Many likely do not know that this week is my birth-week! Yes, I am finally 19!! J (Maybe…)

As it is hump day (Wednesday) of my birth-week, I thought it is a good time for some public reflecting.

B-week 2014

During my birth-week in 2014 (to celebrate my 18th birthday, of course…), I was in one of my favourite areas in the world – Africa and the Middle East. We were able to capture this photo of a mosque (see below) in the late afternoon amidst hundreds of brothers and sisters that just happen to have a bit of a different colour skin from me. This photo is one of my favourite photos I have captured in the 30+ countries I have visited. There are several reasons:

(1) If you watch, listen to, or read many Western-based media reports of other parts of the world, one may be led to believe that you (a visitor) would be lucky to escape the “Third World” alive after a vacation. (2) This is a mosque – one of the most recognizable physical symbols of Islam for most Westerners. (3) I have never, in all my years of travel, had an issue in a different civilization (non-Anglo Saxon). By issue, I mean, I have never seen the violence or

And that is one of my reasons this is one of my favorite photos.

Islamic Mosque Africa Middle East Adam Goodwin

Birthday Week 2015

Now, to this week’s B-Week! Last night (Tuesday), I was testing out my new summer bike (brilliant!) on a 12km ride, and was able to capture this photo (see below). This is a photo of downtown Detroit from the Waterfront Trail in Windsor, Ontario at sunset. There are several reasons I like this photo:

(1) Shows a fantastic photo of Detroit (yes, it is very blurry… thank you phone). (2) Both photos were taken at sunset. (3) Illustrates the closeness of Canada and the USA. (4) The above photo was taken during a walk, this photo was taken during a 12km bike ride (yes, physical activity – #TakeTheActivePledge).

Detroit Windsor Adam Goodwin

And a big thank you to everyone for the gifts!

Adam Goodwin B Gifts

Onwards We Go

All the best wishes to all for the remainder of 2015 and beyond!

And remember, today is a gift, that is why it is called the present.

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