UWindsor Sport Management Tops World (by Adam Goodwin)

UWindsor Sport Management Tops World

by Adam Goodwin | 2015 | Last Updated: March 2, 2015

UWindsor Sport Management Tops World

Once again, the University of Windsor sport management program has been named the top program in Canada, and one of the best in the world (UWindsor press release)!

The sport management program, for the past three years, has been named as one of the best programs in the world based on student satisfaction, support, class size, and career prospects.

My Experience

As a current student in the program, I wanted to provide some additional insight into the experience from someone on the ground.  The UWindsor press release does a good job outlining some of the major pros and positive aspects of the program.  Now, for some student insight.

The year kicks off with a big department-wide (faculty, staff, and grad students) social evening.  This one night can describe reasonable expectations of a grad student’s experience while in the sport management program.  All of the sport management (and even none-SM) faculty are open to speaking with students.  This allows students to focus on each of their own interests (e.g., career paths, research questions).

One of the big positives about the program is the dual internship and thesis student body.  Some students are in the program for practical applications (e.g., insights into the role of a sport manager) while other students are more research focused.  This provides students with multiple perspectives (theoretical and practical).

Furthermore, the program uses a broad definition of the sport industry (thankfully, it is not limited to pro sports and sport apparel/merchandise).  This allows multiple perspectives and interests to enter classroom discussions.  As a believer in a liberal education, these multiple ways of seeing the world, help students have a rounded educational experience while in the UWindsor SM program.

These are only some of my thoughts.  I will reserve more insights in response to specific inquiries (comment below with questions, and I will recruit a current peer to provide some insight).

Your Call to Action

If you know someone interested in sport management, feel free to pass on this blog post, the University of Windsor press release, or my contact information.

Further Reading

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Adam Goodwin is a Canadian who has lived and worked in Africa, Europe, the Middle East, and North America, who is currently attending one of the world’s best sport management programs at the University of Windsor.  He is a proud introvert and silent leader.  He has traveled to 50 major global cities around the world, and has worked with universities, non-profits, consulting firms, and sport organizations.  He has family and friends around the world.  Follow his travels, work, projects, and thoughts on Twitter (@adam13goodwin) and on this blog (click on the bottom right-hand corner to sign up for weekly email notifications).

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