Investment in Sport (by Adam Goodwin)

Investment in Sport

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: August 16, 2014

Investment in Sport

Speak to someone in the sporting industry, and they will likely describe the increasing need for programs in the areas of health promotion, physical activity, and sport for all (the European definition).

Lack of Investment

There is currently a lack of investment in sport in Canada.


The consequences of not investing in sport will be long-term.  Early mortality will increase as individuals die before their life expectancy due to a lack of physical activity or participation in sport.


There are some who now claim a lack of participation in sport for all programs causes more deaths than smoking.


It is estimated that 2% of all jobs in Canada are sport-related.  Also, probably about 2% of Canada’s GDP (gross domestic product) is from the sport industry (this is based on data from other developed countries).

What is Investment in Sport

Investment in sport is more than investing in some elite and high-performing athletes.  It means more than building facilities (that are likely are only of use by elite athletes).  Canada, and other countries, must take a balanced approach to sport.  It can help provide a balanced Canadian population.  This is why the word ‘investment’ can be difficult to use with different individuals.  When people hear the word investment, most immediately begin to think about the financial aspect.  However, sport is so much more.

Many claim it is a subculture within many cultures.  However, in many cultures, it is now intertwined and engrained in these cultures.  It is wholly part of many individuals’ identities, day-to-day lives, planning, thinking, and doing.  We must start to treat sport as such – an integral part of life, not something that is solely about the bucks and dollar bills.

A Call to Action

Write to your government representative and ask them to increase the government’s investment in sport.

Further Reading

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