Where are the Women (by Adam Goodwin)

Where are the Women

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: June 27, 2014

Where are the Kids

You may or may not be familiar with Okanagan Elite Athlete’s Where are the Kids campaign?  The campaign asks parents, families, and communities where are our kids?  Wherever they are at physically, developmentally, socially, health-wise, is it positive, ethical, and beneficial to them?

You can view more about the Where are the Kids campaign by visiting Okanagan Elite Athlete’s website.

Where are the Women

While working on Where are the Kids with the Okanagan Elite Athlete team, a question was raised.  Where are the women?

This isn’t meant to ask the same question per se.  While Where are the Kids is meant to ask are kids inside watching TV vs. outside exploring nature and friendships while benefiting from play, Where are the Women asks a much more subtle question in the area of sport/exercise.

Where are the women in TV sport studios?

National Football League

Using the National Football League (NFL – North America’s professional football league (American football, not soccer)), how are women playing a role in the televised aspect of the games?  Most fans watching a game are watching it on a TV rather than in the stadium (capacity of unlimited vs. seats for 60,000 in a stadium).  Between halves, viewers are beamed to a studio for analysis.  Likely, the in-studio analysis are men.

Between plays or when a player is injured is usually when a women plays a role in the televised aspects.  They comment on specific plays. Rarely do you see a woman involved in a televised NFL game providing broadcasting functions or in-studio analysis.

The question begs, why?  Is North America still sexist?  Is this a sign of an issue that threads itself through many aspects of society, culture, and the values of many of the fans?  If broadcasters survive by giving viewers and fans what they want, then do fans/viewers not want a woman providing analysis?

Olympic Games

This would not be an adequate blog post if we didn’t look at the other side of things.  One example that came to mind is the Olympic Games (likely as the 2014 Winter Olympic Games hosted by Russia recently wrapped up).  Many of the in-studio hosts are female.  In sports such as speed skating, females can be common place when it comes to providing in-game/-sport broadcasting play-by-play functions.

A Call to Action

If you think this is an issue that needs to be addressed/discussed further, feel free to download the graphic immediately below, and ask your friends/family/colleagues/hockey-pool-pals, where are the women on mainstream sport TVs in North America?

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