Exit Before Tweeting (by Adam Goodwin)

Exit Before Tweeting

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: May 12, 2014


The words ‘twitter’ and ‘tweet’ are mainstream these days.  Using these phrases with many North Americans will usually elicit a response where the other has somewhat of an idea of what these phrases refer to on the social web (if not, visit www.twitter.com).

Please Exit

Recently I came across a poster that said:

In case of fire, exit building BEFORE tweeting about it.

This is somewhat humorous.   I thought, if I saw flames, why would I tweet about it before leaving the building?

Then I really began to think.  Have I ever done something similar?  Has there been a circumstance where, before the invention of Twitter, I would have likely reacted immediately, but now with Twitter, I first tweet/update the social web about the event then react?

A Call to Action

Have you ever tweeted about something before reacting to it in-person?  If so, comment below and share your story.  You can follow Adam on Twitter at @adam13goodwin.

If ever in a fire, please exit before tweeting!

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