B’s Bees (by Adam Goodwin)

B’s Bees

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: May 3, 2014

B’s Bees

B’s Bees is one of the newest (and very innovative) band to hit the Montreal, Quebec (French Canada) music scene.

A group of seven talented musicians from across Canada come together every Friday evening in Montreal to musically entertain and wow audiences – a combination of regulars and first-timers.  Studio Backstage plays hosts to B’s Bees during their weekly Friday night gig.

What makes B’s Bees a little bit different?  They also live stream their gigs online.  Visit their website for more information, and to check out their next show.

A Call to Action

Visit the B’s Bees’ website at: http://www.bs-bees.com/

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