Canada’s Human Rights

Canada’s Human Rights

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: March 23, 2014


On the world stage, Canada is a great country.  Rated highly on world rankings for quality and standard of living.  The social programs it offers to its citizens and residents are some of the most humane and liberal in the world.

A Passage

Recently, I overheard a simple statement.  An individual remarked:

Canada has been a leader on human rights issues in the past

As a born and, mostly raised, Canadian, this elicited some pride within.

The Past

A few hours past.  The pride soon forgotten as other matters more urgent (not necessarily more important) arose and required conscious effort and attention.  While doing other things, my subconscious was at work.  The statement kept ringing in my head.

Then it hit me.  The last few words of the sentence, “in the past.”  Canada was a leader on human rights issues in the past.

The Present

What about today?  The present?  The now?

Is Canada still a leader?  Is this the way things are now in Canada?  We are a leader of the past?

The Future

As is written in the section below, A Call To Action, for a bright, just, diverse, and vibrant future, we must unite as Canadians and our friends from around the world, to call on the Government of Canada to once again provide leadership to the world on human rights issue.  Both through policy, resource allotment, and in diplomatic negotiations and relationships.  We must force corporations to work with organizations around the world that do not deny their citizens and employees universal human rights.

A Call To Action

We must call on the Canadian government to once again become a leader on human rights and the protection of all humans.

Further Reading

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These are one person’s thoughts and opinions.  I welcome and strive to get your feedback and own thoughts. Feel free to comment below or connect with me via social media.

Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom, and is a proud shameless idealist. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada and around the rainbow nation’s only home. Follow his year+ overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin) and on this blog.

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