Ajagaq: sport4one Game

Ajagaq: sport4one Game

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: March 15, 2014


sport4one is a program from Okanagan Elite Athlete that aims to make sport accessible to each and every of the 7 billion human beings.


Ajagaq is a game from the early 1900’s from the Northern peoples of the Artic Circle.  The game is fairly simple to understand; competing well, though, is a different story.

The Game

With eyes shut, one throws the stick in the air and catches the stick in one of the holes.  Each time you miss, you get a mark.

Today’s Games

From today’s standards of complex video games requiring high-tech machines, this game may seem very basic.  Yet, amongst the Northern peoples’ children, the game engages them in play for years and years.  Unlike, today, when most games last a few weeks/months in terms of engaging the audience.

Okanagan Elite Athlete

At Okanagan Elite Athlete, this is what many of the programs aim to accomplish.  To remind individuals that getting out and playing games is fun.  And usually, it is not because of the game itself.  It is usually because you get to play with others.  It is a form of face-to-face play and socialization.

When selecting activities for yourself/children/family/partner, remember, humans are very social creatures.  Find activities where there is human interaction.

As the Northern peoples have shown with their game of ajagaq, these type of games live on for centuries.

A Call To Action

What games did you use to play when you were younger/a child?

Further Reading

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We would like to thank the Polar Museum in Oxford, UK for the information about the Northern Peoples.


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