Day Two From London, England

Day Two From London, England

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: March 9, 2014


This week, my parents, auntie, and uncle are visiting me in London, England. The official day two of their visit did not disappoint with some small adventures.

Some Highlights

It started with an early morning wake up call at our bed and breakfast. The fire alarm went off at about 6:00am. This made me flashback to my San Francisco mid-night fire alarm. The best part, no one even moved. Just kept sleeping.

Around 7:30am, we are up and showered. My dad goes down to the lobby to find out about breakfast. This ‘premiere’ bed and breakfast (as they call themselves) doesn’t serve breakfast. What? They are happy to suggest a number of cafés.

If you didn’t know, our apartment in London was flooded so we stayed in this bed and breakfast for the night and booked an apartment for the rest of the week. As we had to be out of the bed and breakfast early and couldn’t get into the apartment until later that night, we made the cross-London trip to my aunt and uncle’s place to drop off our luggage. As we go to get in the Underground Tube with all of our suitcases, the gates close on her suitcase and a loud alarm starts ringing. An employee starts yelling at her as if it is her fault. What? It’s your faulty gates TFL.

Later in the day we decide to visit the Tower of London. I have been past the Tower, but never inside. It is a fantastic place to visit. The Royal Jewels are amazing and spectacular to see. As is the story and 900 years of history. While there, a fire alarm starts ringing (number two in our day). How quickly visitors listen to armed guards.

We are to meet the owner of the apartment at 5:00pm. We get there a few minutes late. Supposedly he has already left (thanks!). Speaking with him, he has left the flat open with the keys inside. All we have to do is wait until someone leaves or enters the building and go with them. We had to wait over 30 minutes! Yes, no one entered or left a building with 200+ units in this time. We tried to ring people without any success.

Soon thereafter my auntie and uncle arrive with our suitcases. We decide to head to the Tower Hill area for a late dinner. One of the members of the party forgets their Oyster card (transit pass). I had already gone through the gates and cannot exit. As I had the only functioning credit card, I had to ask the nice employee to let me out so I could pay and then back in. As we go to exit the Tube, a member of our five person party has lost his/her Oyster card (the card used to get in the Tube, and you need it in order to exit). After approximately 10 minutes, it is found in a bag. bThankfully! Otherwise, it costs about £80 to exit if you don’t have a ticket.

Some of the small adventures from day two.


For all the small events, you know what, we all still had a great day!

A Call To Action

Remember a time of great adventure while traveling? Is traveling just one big adventure or a series of small events?

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