Day One From London, England

Day One From London, England

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: March 8, 2014


Today (Saturday), my parents landed in London, England from Egypt, to spend the week with me. I am very excited, as my auntie and uncle are in London now, too.

For those who heard about my adventures with my parents in December, to Lower and Upper Egypt (e.g., us being temporarily detained by the Egyptian army – funny now, definitely not at the time, nearly ending up in no man’s land on a train, etc), this week already shows it will not disappoint.

The First Day

Yesterday, just as my parents were sleeping getting ready for their early morning flight, a phone call. The apartment in London was flooded. I got a message as I was at dinner in West London, and not in a great position to be super helpful.

Finally, we decide to just book a hotel room for one night and figure out our options. Well, don’t always believe everything you see on the internet. That swanky hotel turns out to be a one star hotel. The bathroom – it was pre-constructed. The beds – so close don’t have room for suitcases. The stairs – so steep climb them like a ladder.

Heading to Big Ben to meet with my auntie and uncle for dinner. The Underground Tube is closed. The joys of using mass transit. In the end, we were able to connect and have a great meal of a British Classic, fish and chips.

A Lesson

I think there is a larger moral in all of this. Sometimes, what appear to be bad things or bumps in the road, just don’t matter. It depends on your perspective and attitude.

Yes, going from the apartment to a less than desirable hotel is not in the play book or a lot of fun at the time. However, now, get to stay in a different part of London that may otherwise never get to see.

Yes, it seems, whenever my parents and I travel together we get into some type of issue. Is this going to stop me from traveling with them? Fat chance! Life is more than ‘perfect’. More than being in-humanly smooth. I would t want a trip any other way.

What I will say, regardless of perspective, the kids jumping up and down in the room above me can shut up so I can get some sleep.

A Call To Action

Remember a time of great adventure while traveling? Is traveling just one big adventure?

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Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom, and is a proud shameless idealist. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada and around the rainbow nation’s only home. Follow his year+ overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin) and on this blog.

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