Personal Bucket List: Updated March 2014

Bucket list, or as some call it, my list of why to live. Earliest date accomplished is listed. Some pictures of completed list items are on my Facebook account (/goodwin.adam) and/or Twitter (@adam13goodwin).

This bucket list is meant more for others to look at and reflect how much each individual has done in their life up and until today. It’s about the journey of getting to complete a bucket list item rather than the check mark.

Completed (to-be-completed below this list):

  • Stand at degree zero (i.e., Greenwhich, UK) – London, UK (March 2014);
  • See Royalty in person – Prince Harry of the British Royal Family (March 2014);
  • Participate in a legal in-person protest – Spain (January 2014);
  • Eat an exotic meal (e.g., duck, snake, etc) – United Kingdom (January 2014);
  • Participate in a New Year’s celebration in one of the hot spots of the world (e.g., NYC, Sydney, Tokyo, London, Paris) – London (December 2013);
  • Visit a school in Africa – (December 2013);
  • Dress up as Santa and visit a bunch of children – (December 2013);
  • Get arrested – Temporarily over a large mis-communication and language barrier (December 2013);
  • Make it into Ian Cameron’s pointy picture album – (December 2013);
  • Visit 30 of the world’s Global Cities before 30 – visited: Alexandria, Amman, Amsterdam, Cairo, Calgary, Casablanca, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Edmonton, Frankfurt, Istanbul, Las Vegas, Liverpool, Los Angeles, London, Montreal, Munich, New York, Ottawa, Portland, Prague, Rome, San Fransisco, San Jose, Seattle, Stuttgart, Toronto, Washington DC, Winnipeg, Vancouver (November 2013);
  • Celebrate a full evening of Hanukkah – Thank you to those that allowed me to take part in the festivities and celebration (November 2013);
  • Volunteer overseas – (November 2013);
  • Find someone’s wallet and return it to them with everything intact – (October 2013);
  • Get 10,000 readers on my blog – Thank you! (September 2013);
  • Participate in a charity event/activity overseas – Terry Fox Run in Europe (September 2013);
  • Live and work overseas – United Kingdom (August 2013);;
  • Drive on the Autobahn – Germany (August 2013);;
  • Ride one of the world’s fastest/highest roller coasters – Edmonton, Alberta (August 2013);
  • Sleep under the stars – (July 2013);
  • Stare at the Grand Canyon for ten minutes – (July 2013);
  • Help someone in need – (June 2013);
  • Dance in the rain – (June 2013);
  • Eat ice cream for breakfast – Done! Vanilla kind in a mug! (June 2013);
  • Plant a tree – Home is where the heart is (May 2013);
  • Have a perfect day – 3 emails/messages in one day from friends and mentors from my past, when past and present align it is great and a wonder (May 2013);
  • Find paradise – Walk in the woods along the stream (May 2013)view picture (Facebook) or view picture (Blog);
  • Say no – as part of #TakeTheActivePledge (May 2013);
  • Get a mention by a major celebrity on a social media network, just cuz – Brett Wilson on Twitter (April 2013);
  • Intentionally drive through a red light – (March 2013);
  • Go up/down the down/up escalator – IKEA (March 2013);
  • Re-gift a gift – Today, someone reminded me the best gifts are rarely materialistic (February 2013);
  • Polar bear swim – Kelowna, BC (February 2013) (along with the skinny dip);
  • Skinny dip – Kelowna, BC (February 2013) (along with the polar bear swim);
  • Help someone cross an item off their bucket list – (February 2013);
  • Find a street sign with my name – Amsterdam (December 2012) view picture (Facebook) or view picture (Blog);
  • Make the front page of a newspaper – Kelowna Daily Courier (December 2012);
  • See the pyramids in Egypt – (December 2012) view picture (Facebook) or view picture (Blog);
  • Visit a lighthouse – Galata Tower in Istanbul, Turkey (December 2012) (I didn’t realize this was originally built as a lighthouse until after I had left and saw a sign);
  • Stay up all night – Flight from Kelowna to Istanbul (December 2012);
  • Ride an exotic animal – Camel (December 2012);
  • Help someone accomplish an ‘insignificant’ goal – UBC (November 2012);
  • Start a blog – (November 2012);
  • Be the colour man on a live sports broadcast – Heat Volleyball home game (November 2012);
  • Watch a meteor shower – (August 2012);
  • Write a thank you note to someone – (June 2012);
  • Pull an airplane – Okanagan United Way (May 2012);
  • Fly an airplane – Boundary Bay Airport (April 2012);
  • Go to Vegas with best friends – (April 2012);
  • Sing the national anthem at a sporting event – Heat Soccer home game (October 2011)
  • Be interviewed for TV – Shaw (March 2011);
  • Cook a meal for the hungry – Kelowna Gospel Mission (March 2011);
  • Get in a taxi and say, “follow that car” – Vancouver, BC (February 2011);
  • Ride in the trunk of a car – New Year’s in Montreal (December 2010);
  • Learn CPR – (September 2010);
  • Go to a drive-in – (July 2010);
  • See a dolphin/Orca – BC Ferries (July 2009);
  • Fail at something – First year English in-class paper (lesson learned to read the article before trying to write an in-class essay)
  • Attend the world’s largest jazz festival – Montreal Jazz Festival (June 2008);
  • See Ground Zero in NYC – (August 2007) view picture (Facebook) or view picture (Blog);
  • Go to a Broadway show – Phantom of the Opera (August 2007);
  • Go on an adventure with friends – Bowron Lake week-long canoe trip (October 2006);
  • Go mini golfing – (September 2006);
  • Be in a parade – IPE (August 2006);
  • Get a picture with a celebrity – Ben Johnson, former 100 meter world-record holder (July 2006);
  • Play paintball – Vernon, BC (July 2004);
  • Break a bone – Left wrist (July 2000);
  • See the Northern Lights – From our farm in Armstrong, BC (February 1999);
  • Drive a car before I get my license – Armstrong, BC (June 1995);
  • Ride in an emergency vehicle – Firetruck for birthday (April 1993);
  • Visit Alaska – (Winter 1991) (I may have been very young, but still counting it. – hope to return);
  • Be the youngest person on the planet – Birth

The letter beside each completed item corresponds to the uploaded photos on Facebook/Twitter (if applicable).

In progress:

      • Cross international date line;
      • Help an older adult cross the road – unless my parents count;
      • Drive across Canada;
      • Get a tattoo;
      • Skydive;
      • Run a marathon;
      • Donate blood;
      • Climb a mountain (10,000+ feet);
      • Grant one child’s dream;
      • Fly a helicopter;
      • Watch an Olympic sporting event live;
      • Go on a cruise;
      • Get a slow ticket for driving too slowly;
      • Sit in the jumper seat of a commercial airline flight;
      • Get a Master’s degree;
      • Hold a lethal snake;
      • Save a hamster from a burning building;
      • Send a letter to a soldier;
      • Bungee jump;
      • Own a home;
      • White water rafting;
      • Hold a free hugs sign;
      • Pick up a hitchhiker;
      • Listen to a performance in the Sydney Opera House;
      • Solve a Rubick’s Cube;
      • Visit every continent (visits to: North America; Europe; Asia; Africa);
      • Visit every Canadian province and territory (BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec);
      • Visit every Canadian provincial/territorial capital (visited: Victoria, BC; Edmonton, Alberta; Regina, Saskatchewan; Winnipeg, Manitoba; Toronto, Ontario; Quebec City, Quebec);
      • Visit every major region/territory in the world, as defined by expert geographers (these are Western Europe, North America, Eastern Europe, South America, East Asia, Middle East, Central Asia, Australasia, South Asia, Northern Africa, East and South Africa, Central Africa, Japan). (I have been to Western Europe; North America; Eastern Europe ; Middle East; Northern Africa;);
      • Visit 30 countries before 30 (I have been to: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, England, France, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, Jordan, Morocco, Scotland, Spain, The Netherlands, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States, Vatican City)
      • Go crowd surfing;
      • Go on a silent retreat;
      • Use a fake name when ordering a drink/food at a restaurant (e.g., Starbucks);
      • Stand on the equator;
      • Get a picture with a state leader (e.g., President, Prime Minister, Pope, Dalai Lama, etc);
      • Front row at a concert;
      • Donate hair to charity;
      • Eat a square watermelon;
      • Meet my great great grandkids;
      • Sleep on the beach;
      • Drive a high end luxury car (Lambo, Porsche, etc);
      • Tye die a shirt;
      • Ride in a high speed train;
      • Send a message in a bottle;
      • Ride in a monster truck;
      • Get verified by Twitter – just cuz;
      • Stay in an ice hotel;
      • Visit half (20/50) of the USA states (visited, Alaska, Arizona, California, DC, Idaho, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, Washington);
      • Jump off a bridge (into a river, etc);
      • See a lantern festival;
      • Buy a homeless person a meal;
      • Go into the airport and buy tickets for a random flight;
      • Hold up a ‘free high fives’ sign;
      • Write something in wet cement;
      • Visit half (25/50) of National Geographic’s Places to Visit in Canada (have visited: Okanagan, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Winnipeg, Vancouver, Victoria, Canadian Badlands, Jasper and Banff);
      • Visit 50 Global Cities before the age of 50 (as a build on of 30 before 30: see November 2013) – visited: 30 before 30 (Nov 2013), plus Barcelona, Milan, Paris, Vienna);
      • Listen to 30 famous/influential people speak in public in person – listened to: Allison McNeill, Brett Lawrie, Craig Kielburger, David Cameron, David Cox, Desmond Tutu, Gary Neville, John Furlong, Lord Paul Boateng, Lord Rumi Verjee, Magic Johnson, Mala, Mark Kielburger, Prince Harry, Richard Branson, Dr. Samantha Nutt, Stephen Toope, Steve Nash, The Buried Life, Trevor Linden, Vice President Al Gore
      • Watch 10 live different Broadway-style shows (watched: Billy Elliot, Les Mis, Lion King, Phantom of the Opera, West Side Story, Wicked);
      • Watch 15 live performances of the fine performing arts (watched: Aida, Czech Symphony, Merry Moore Christmas, Montreal Symphony Orchestra, The Nutcracker, Okanagan Symphony Orchestra, Swan Lake);
      • Listen to 15 A-list performers in-person (listened to: Demi Lavota, Ellie Goulding, Elton John, Jennifer Hudson, Jon Bon Jovi, One Republic);
      • Watch fireworks in 20 different cities (watched: Armstrong, Battle UK, Enderby, Kelowna, London, Montreal, Ottawa, Salmon Arm, San Fransisco, Vancouver, Vernon);
      • Visit 15 mega-stadiums/arenas (been to: BC Place, Camp Nou, Czech Stadium, London Olympic Stadium, Madison Square Gardens, Montreal Olympic Stadium, Munich Olympic Stadium, O2 Arena, Rogers Stadium, Rome’s Collesium, Seattle Mariners Baseball Stadium, Wembley Stadium);
      • Visit 10 Olympic villages (visited: Barcelona, Calgary, London, Montreal, Munich, Vancouver)
      • Go up 20 towers/tall buildings (visited: Cairo Tower, Calgary Tower, CN Tower, Empire State Building, Munich Olympic Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle, Vancouver Tower)

What’s on your bucket list? Feel free to share by commenting or telling us on our social media.


Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada. Follow his year overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin)!



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