Buddhism and Hinduism Influence on the World

Buddhism and Hinduism Influence on the World

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: March 8, 2014

Buddhism and Hinduism

The influence of two particular religions of the world cannot be ignored. Nearly half the world’s population have, at one time or another, been heavily Buddhists or Hindu. The countries of India and China have over 2.5 billion people each.

With China as a soon-to-be superpower and India developing more quickly, how will the influence of these two great and large religions, impact the world? The impact of these two significant countries in the world.


We should not study Buddhism or Hinduism so we can use this against our partners and friends following these religions.  It is a reminder of how interdependent we are in the world.  Canada will rely more-and-more on the countries and people of India and China over the coming decades.  So we can understand their perspectives, it would do good for all Canadians to be able to understand, appreciate, and promote the diversity in Canada-Asian relationships.

A Call To Action

Do we live too much in the need to know so can use knowledge as a source of power?

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