The Best Stress Buster

The Best Stress Buster

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: February 7, 2014


Want to know what stress can do to your body?

Stress Buster

The following is one of the best stress busters I have seen/heard.  It is a story (source unknown).

Get a glass of water.  Fill the glass half full.  Guess how heavy the glass weighs.  0.1 kg?  0.3 lbs (pounds)?  500 grams?

Here is a thought: the absolute weight does not matter.  Continue holding on to the glass.

Holding it for a few seconds is not a problem.  Continue holding it for a minute.  Likely, still doesn’t feel very heavy.  Now hold it for one hour (yes, one hour).  Likely, your arm is starting to ache. Now, I want you to continue holding the glass for a day.  Likely, once you put the glass down, your arm is very tired, aching, and possibly even paralyzed.

Interesting.  The weight of the glass never changed, yet the longer you held it, the heavier your body perceivd it to be (I will skip the neurobiology as to this mechanism).

This is like stress.  The stress is the water in the glass.  The longer you hold on to it, the more it begins to hurt.  Eventually, you become paralyzed.

Starting putting down your glasses.


If you know the source of this story, please let me know.  I will gladly add credit!

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