FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona

by Adam Goodwin | 2014 | Last Updated: January 2014

FC Barcelona

One of the world’s most storied and successful (if counting cups captured) sporting organization – FC Barcelona.  FC Barcelona includes 14 teams: football, basketball, handball, roller hockey, futsal, athletics, ice hockey, field hockey, figure skating, rugby, volleyball, and wheelchair basketball.

FC Barcelona Foundation

FC Barcelona feels obligated to encourage development, and support children’s education and health.  They promote peace, diversity, and sustainability.  They encourage the integration of groups that have been socially excluded.


In 2006, FC Barcelona signed an agreement with UNICEF.  The organization committed to the protection of children’s rights.  The UNICEF logo now sits front and centre on FC Barcelona jerseys and merchandise.

Football World Cup

In 1982, Spain hosted the football/soccer World Cup.  During the World Cup 1982, 3000 Spanish students formed an enormous dove as a symbol of peace.

El Cant del Barca

El Cant del Barca is the official anthem of the FC Barcelona.  The anthem, translated to English:

The whole stadium / roars with one voice / we all wear blue and scarlet / wherever we are from / from the south or from the north / now we all agree, we all agree / one flag seals our brotherhood / blue and scarlet in the wind / our cry is bold / we have a name / that everyone knows / Barca, Barca, Barca.

Players / supporters / together we are strong / and after many years of struggle / and many goals we’ve cheered / we’ve shown them all, we’ve shown them all / that we can never be defeated / blue and scarlet in the wind / our cry is bold / we have a name / that everyone knows / Barca, Barca, Barca!

Your Call To Action

Does sport, where there is usually only one winner, promote capitalist and ‘me’ type beliefs and views of the world?

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