12 Days of Christmas (Day 4)

12 Days of Christmas (Day 4)

by Adam Goodwin | 2013 | Last Updated: December 19, 2013


With the countdown to Christmas now in the final days, I made a 12 days of Christmas countdown list.  Based on the programs and organizations I am currently working for, 12 things that someone in the world has control to present to the world as a gift.  Enjoy.

Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas, my true love sent to me, the inspiration and motivation, and perserverence, to continue to find opportunities to develop capacity within each of society’s 200 countries so that every single of the planet’s 7 billion individual human beings would have access to daily meals, fresh water, a clean, safe and secure place to rest, and education.

A Call To Action

Support your local charities efforts to help serve others by volunteering or donating during the holiday season.

Further Reading

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Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom, and is a proud shameless idealist. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada and around the rainbow nation’s only home. Follow his year+ overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin) and on this blog.

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