Be That Person

Be That Person

by Adam Goodwin | 2013 | Last Update: December 11, 2013


With the holiday season upon us, I thought this was a great story to share with the world from the United Kingdom!  For those workig in student affairs, a possible idea to help students learn about how change does’t come through re-building the world, but by tiny, day-to-day actions that add up to something fantastic and beautiful.

Be That Person

Be That Person: A simple campaign started by a bunch of university students in the United Kingdom.

Some things I like: any student can get the Be That Person ‘coupons’ and start handing them out (if a student sees a student do something that is being that person (e.g., holding the door open for a group of people), they can hand that student a coupon saying their action did not go unnoticed).  It is like ethnicity and race – once university students realize they don’t have to live in the paradigm that experts have set up for their ethnicity by society, they realize how easy it is to pass through boundaries and the sides of boxes.

It’s like nations – we have countries in the world.  We belong to countries.  But we are also individuals and we can cross the physical borders of countries.  This is what Be That Person teaches students.

This is why education is so vital and important.  Help students self-construct their knowledge about the world, their talents, strengths and abilities, and to continue to learn and develop.

Be That Person also teaches that anyone can join Be That Person however and whenever they wish.  No need to sign up, no need to sign their life away, or attend multiple meetings a month.  They just do.  Simple.  If they have an idea they think needs to be done, they do it.  It focuses on action instead of paralysis by analysis (spending so much time researching, evaluating, and planning something that it actually never gets done).

Remember, you are already that person.  Just get out of your own way, and continue to rock the planet!

A Call To Action

Everyone was, is, and can Be That Person.  Slightly adjust your belief of the impact you can have on the world!

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