Nelson Mandela

Dear Nelson Mandela,

I am sorry to hear about your passing this evening.

We never met, yet I think you somehow made a profound impact on my life.

Want to thank you for reminding the world of the power of sport.

Thank you for reminding the world that if you put a black and white baby together, they play with each other. If you out a black and white child together, they play with each other. Yet, if you put a black and white adult together, they will hurl insults and weapons at one another. Thank you for changing people’s understanding of people who are ‘different’ or ‘weird.’

The compassion and empathy you showed the world, through your actions and words, will be sorely missed. The forgiveness you gave your captures; freeing them for the mistake they must forever live with. The empathy and compassion you had for both blacks and whites while trying to unite your country, is an example of the strength of one man’s soul.

Thank you for using your freedom to help others. To serve others. Help those who do not know freedom to get a taste of freedom. For once you give someone freedom, their oppressors may be able to try and take back the freedom, but never can the oppressors (‘peaceful war lords’) take away the hope, humanity, and education.

Thank you for showing and encouraging this and the next generation, this is the generation we have been waiting for. The generation that can and will unite in change. That will free the world of slavery. Racism. Oppression. War.

I wish you well as you continue your journey of using your freedom to bring freedom and peace to all.




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