Time Travel


I was recently speaking with a few students at work.

The conversation shifted to an interesting topic. Time travel.

It wasn’t about the feasibility of time travel. Didn’t discuss the ethics.

It was much more simple.

The Idea

If you could visit any event or time in history, what event would you go back to. And perhaps just as importantly, why.

Some Ideas

There was a range of ideas:

Back to the dinosaur age;

Some with religious backgrounds said to see Moses or Jesus;

One said to see Martin Luther King Junior’s I Have a Dream speech.

I enjoyed this talk because of its simplicity. And because of its fit.

The Student Fit

Many attend post-secondary to learn how to think. Learn how to use words and develop ideas.

This is exactly what these students were doing. Combining a fun topic with history and thinking.

This is a fantastic opportunity for these students to learn outside of the classroom. Perhaps one student didn’t know the full story of Moses. The students had the opportunity to share their ideas and knowledge.

This is great. People learning. Teaching each other. No formal space. No formal authority as the teacher. Everyone was equal. Community learning.

Your Call to Action

Your call to action.

Where would you go back to? And perhaps just as importantly, why that particular event? And also, how? Not how will you get there. How will you witness this event? As a participant? As just a watcher? A member of the media?



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Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada. Follow his year+ overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin)!


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