As we observe the anniversary of 9/11, I wish all a save and reflective 11th day of September.

To those we lost during the recovery efforts, to the workers and passengers in the planes who were helpless pawns in a game of differences and power, to those trying to bring #peace4all to the world, an emotional day, to the say the least.

Now as we watch the conflicts in Syria and Egypt, the expulsion of Iraq and Afghanistan by the Western militaries, and the suffering of millions of children, we must once again reflect on the words war and conflict, and peace.

We must start wars against poverty and human suffering, and not each other. Our wars impact the very individuals we are trying to help. Then we turn to the war of our destruction – to combat the already lack of food supplies and safe drinking water we further disrupt with our invasions.

#peace4all. We must bring to us, peace of mind, body, and spirit. To every individual. Every member of humanity deserves peace.

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