The Night Age

The Knight Age

I recently attended England’s largest medieval festival! An absolutely splendid event. Learned lots, saw tons, heard much, and tasted a large amount of medieval-inspired food.

The event was based around the knights. Humans who came a few hundred years before us. Watching these members re-enact scenes from the Knight Age made me think of the incoming Night Age approaching the humans who will live a few hundred years after us.

The Night Age

What is the upcoming Night Age? Why have you never heard of the Night Age?

The Night Age looks ahead a few hundred years. It’s when humans will no longer be creatures of the day. We will be creatures of the night. Yes.

The pollution will be too much during the day. The sun too violent for human skin to withstand. The heat too overbearing for sensitive human physiological equilibrium.

Humans will live and work at night. It will be a new way of living. The humans will adapt.

To avoid the Night Age, we just re-look at how we live with the land around us. How we use the land’s resources, how we draw water, where we live when it comes to coastal housing and communities.

We must learn to prosper in the Day Age for we do not want to be the individuals responsible for the Night Age.

Join today.



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Adam Goodwin is a Canadian working in the United Kingdom. His parents currently work in Cairo, Egypt. He has siblings and distant family in Canada. Follow his year+ overseas on Twitter (@adam13goodwin)!


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  1. The festival sounds wonderful Adam……..lucky you !! Can’t wait to see any pics you took of it !!! ❤ PS I would like to stay in the DAY AGE please !!!

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