Why is society so risk adverse.

Why do we try to prevent every conceivable accident?  That is the word accident – it is an accident.  Instead, why don’t we focus on making humans perfect?  They can’t make mistakes.  With humans not able to make a mistake, there would be no accidents.

The ironic part – we are at risk of losing a piece of human culture.  Yes, being so risk adverse will result in the loss of the word accident.

If humans were perfect and were never involved or caused accidents, what would the world be like?

An accident involving yourself, likely changes everything you believe you know about the world.  How it operates.  The fairness of life.

We must life live or at least die trying.  To have no accidents is to not do anything.

Just sit at home in the dark.  Can’t even watch TV in case it explodes.

The world is about doing.  Where there is doing, there are accidents.  This isn’t to say we shouldn’t try to manage and lower the chance of an accident.

What we can’t do is let risk take over our lives.  Otherwise, we won’t be able to tell the difference between the concept of boredom and reality.


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  1. Fear, uncertainty and discomfort are your compasses toward growth !! Keep taking ‘risks’ my son, but stay SAFE in doing so !!!

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