Advice for Young Professionals

As a previous UBC staff member, many students who previously worked for me are now graduated from university.

Some words of advice.  You will work with people you do not like.  You believe that you have nothing in common.  Everything they do will bother you.

Guess what.  They share 99.9% of the identical genetic code as you.  You have a lot more in common than you think.

Find common ground with them, not the, what feels like 100 differences between he/she and yourself.

Many people give more business-like advice to people just starting their first job.  However, life is about people.  Individuals.  Members of the one thing we humans all belong to: the human race.

Your colleagues and co-workers, and even your boss, are intelligent, smart individuals.  Learn from them.

Yes, they will piss you off.  Make you irritated, especially if you didn’t sleep the night before as you prepped for your presentation today.  They are sitting in the front row drinking their morning coffee – how you just want to tell them off.

You can only control things that are within your control.  If you don’t get that promotion after your first year with the company/organization, don’t worry.  This isn’t something you can control.  You can control factors that will make it more likely for you to get a promotion (work ethic, performance, cooperation with colleagues, team work, leadership, effort, ability to accept feedback, constantly learning, willingness to lead others, time management (if you can’t manage your time when you don’t have anyone working under you, it will be even more difficult as a manager with your staff dropping in un-scheduled)).

This is my advice to you, young professionals.  It involves nothing like how to manage your first budget or effectively facilitate a meeting.  These things you can learn from a book.

Learning to be human – this takes just a little bit longer.


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