Rich Canada

Recently I did a blog post about Canada and some facts about our great nation and country (what a fantastic country we can all call home).

My parents are moving to Egypt mid-August.  As they begin the process of moving their belongings, there are a number of bags collecting donations for the local thrift shop.

This made me think.

If Canada’s overall wealth (the wealth of all Canadians combined) has gone up, why hasn’t the individual wealth of each Canadian also increased?  Has it?  If so, good.  If not, why not?

If Canada is now more financially rich today than 30 years ago, why is each individual more financially rich than 30 years ago?

There are two options.  Either the rich are getting richer, or the way in which we report the wealth of the country has changed.

We must look at the statistics of child poverty, use of food banks, social assistance programs, and ask how much investment would it take by government, non-profits, businesses, and individuals (we are all in this together), to enact real, long-term, true change?  If we can spend 2 billion dollars on the 2015 Pan American Games in Toronto (they just had the 2 year countdown event), what if we spent $2 billion on new programs to provide equity in Canada?

Canada, as a whole, may be the richest it has ever been.  This is true if you listen to bankers and economists.

Speak with a food bank employee, and they have a different story.

There is one thing Canada does have.  Freedom.  Freedom to tell a story.


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