A Child’s Dream


If you were to put a black and a white baby together, would they beat each other (okay they might because one has a toy the other wants, but this wouldn’t be based on their skin color)?  If a Catholic baby and a Muslim baby were put in the same crib, would they beat each other because of their religion (okay they might hit each other because they’re cranky from being over-tired, but not because they have different religious beliefs)?

Every Child’s Dream

Every child that has a father or mother in the army has one dream at night while their parent(s) is away on a mission.  The safe return of their parent(s).

Why do we have war?  Go to anyone on the street and ask if they would kill another individual.  None would.  No individual would want to kill their neighbour, no matter how much their neighbour’s loud music at night annoyed them.

If we call it a war, then it is okay.

Canada goes into countries because there’s child slavery (or so we’re told by government).  Meanwhile, Canada has a very high level of poverty.  I’m not saying we should let human slavery continue in other countries – but how does starting a war solve this problem?

We must ensure all the world’s children are safe before we start to think about how to plant weapons-of-mass-destruction in an oil-rich country so we can invade this country and take over its oil supply (this sounds familiar).

People want to live at peace.  They want to be able to say hello to their neighbour.  To lend their neighbour a cup of sugar.


One day we will judge an individual’s worth by what they do (actions over words so politicians, sorry, but you are out), and not by their beliefs, religion, etc.  Why should someone have to become like me just for me to accept them?  What a bland world!


Peace between all the countries in the world does not necessarily mean there are no differences.  Do you know two humans, even very best friends, who never have disagreements?

Like these friends having a disagreement, common ground can be established through communication and talking.

They look for that common ground.  The many, many things that combine them (humans share 99.9% of the same genetic code), and not the 0.1% that is different.

This is the same with countries.  #peace4all is about dialogue.  Dialogue about our differences – different beliefs, in religion, culture, laws, political systems, justice.

Your Call to Action

Do you have a Twitter account?  I do (@adam13goodwin).  Join me, in asking all the leaders of the world to agree to #peace4all


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