These are the Good Ole Days

These are the good ole days.

We play as children so that we can be cool like our older siblings.

We experiment with various taboo topics when we are teenagers so that we can be adults and never do the stupid things adults do to us teenagers.  As teens we thought we were controlled by the adults and that the only way to be completely happy or satisfied was to have the control.

We go to college or university or other post-secondary education options so that we can get a job.

We get a job so we can work for 40+ years so we can retire.  (Looking back to the teenage years, we see that adults were just looking out for our best interests.)

Just remember, last year you couldn’t wait for what this year was to bring.  This year, you know next year will be just that much better.

Basically, these are the best days of your life (you said so last year).  These are the good ole days.  Enjoy them!


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