Brand Slavery

A big thing in marketing these days is branding and a company’s brand. Most lay-persons do not entirely know what this means. First, a bit of a background.


Branding is the sights, sounds, tastes, smells, textures, look, feel, humor, etc of a company when it communicates and interacts with a prospective or current consumer.

It is more than a logo. It’s what the bran promises to you.

If they have a ‘loud’ logo, in your face advertising, you can expect then this company, through their brand, is telling consumers the company’s products are in your face and loud. They are communicating their promise – obnoxious, attention-getting.

Current Slavery

Slavery, as in the type where one human owns another human, was abolished in Canada in the 1830s.

Today, there is a new kind of slavery. Brand slavery.

People need an iMac, iPod, iPad, iPhone (all Apple products). They want to show these off to their friends and strangers (this is bad if we get self-esteem from how people think of us that we will never possibly interact with ever again – a stranger). We are devoted to showing these off. We are devoted to these brands.

We are providing free marketing to these brands. Whenever we use these products in public and show off that iconic Apple logo, or talk to our friends about our newest iPhone (the first to get the iPhone 6). Firms spend millions (the large ones like Apple spend billions) a year on marketing. They pay the wages and salaries of marketing managers, copywriters, artists, writers, producers.

However, the most effective form of marketing is word-of-mouth. Why? The company gets third party credibility. It’s one thing for Apple to say, “Hey, we’re cool. We have cool products.” It’s another thing for a customer (e.g., your best friend) to say, “Hey, you gotta get an iPhone. It’s so awesome.” You’re likely to believe your friend over Apple (in most cases).

By talking about Apple and using their products we are providing the best form of market, word-of-mouth, for free! We are doing the marketing department’s job for free. The Vice-President of Marketing for Apple can sit back and smile as he knows little Billy is telling his friends in the schoolyard to talk their parents into purchasing them the newest iPod Nano.

Your Call to Action

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