Can there ever be peace in the world?

Russia just did something the United States did not agree with.  Russia gave asylum to someone the USA considers a traitor (a CBC article is available by clicking here).

Yes, the USA just sent Russia to the time out chair.  I’m not sure how, cancelling a meeting with Russia, is teaching Russia a lesson?

For as long as Earth allows human life to continue, there will be disagreements will come between two persons.

Peace isn’t about no disagreements.  Disagreements can be helpful and healthy for strong relationships.

Peace is about dialogue.  About leadership.

How does cutting off communication lead to peace?  Simple.  It doesn’t.

Barack Obama is wrong.  He is not helping foster peace and relationships in this world.  He is trying to teach Russia a lesson by pulling a rookie parent move – send the child to a time out instead of being a teacher.

We need #peace4all.  We needed it yesterday, we need it today, and the future must have peace for all.


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