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I overheard someone talking the other day. They were making jokes about how they are level x on a computer game (think it was level 47 and maybe World of Warcraft – guilty, definitely not a gamer).

What if society had levels? This is how you were judged. Based on the level of Human you had reached.

Instead of your age, gender, colour of your hair/eyes/skin, religion/atheist, etc. Instead of basing someone’s worth on things they can’t control, give them a number to determine how human they are. This number is based on the things they do.

Want a job? Your Human Level goes at the top of your résumé. Actually, don’t even need a resume, based all on your Human Level. If there’s two people with the same number, it goes to a good ole game of Rock Paper Scissors (that’s a level – winning your first game – Human Level 500).

The Human Levels

Level 1 – Be born;
Level 2 – Cry;

Level 14 – As a child, donate some change to a street performer that you get from your parent;

Level 47 – Learn how to speak like Yoda from Star Wars (‘Easy, it is not.’);

Level 61 – Be discriminatory free for one day;

Level 182 – Get first aid certified;
Level 183 – Save a life;

Level 321 – Be truly happy;

Level 342 – Make #peace4all;

Level 411 – Apply for your dream job even though you believe you don’t have the right credentials;

Level 500 – Win a game of Rock Paper Scissors;

Level 632 – Call in sick to work and spend the day with your partner/kids in bed watching movies (even though you’re really not sick – shhh);

Level 702 – Stop traffic to help a duck cross the road;

Level 998 – Learn the true meaning of life;

Level 999 – If you reached Level 998, Level 999 is a freebie. All you have to do is give one name of someone who works at the restaurant/outlet where you get your coffee/tea every morning (author’s note: As I wrote this last level, it struck me, that I’m not able to do this. A very sad thought.)

The Experiment

I think this would be a truly remarkable social experiment.

Would your Human Level take over your thought process. You plan your day to get points to make it to the next level? You can’t sleep at night because your friend is closing in on your Human Level. You must find a way to stay ahead and be at a higher Human Level.

Similar to comparing the number of Facebook friends you have with your friends when you are younger (over 100 when you’re in high school and you are worthy of a gold throne). You would sit and compare your Human Level.

I’m sure there are very good ethical reasons not to run this form of social experiment. From the mental harm of a father being a Human Level 72 while his son is a Human Level 88 could be very negative. How the experiment would likely control the thought process of many individuals.

The reason I wrote this post is to highlight the importance of looking at people by what they are capable of, what they want, can, and do offer to the world and society. We don’t need to base someone’s worth on factors they can’t control (their age, sex, car driven, etc).

Babies don’t. Babies don’t care if you have hair, have red hair, have blond, brown, black, white, purple. They see other babies as friends and fellow beings – they see other babies as play mates, beings to have fun with (their true enemy is their mom trying to make them nap). They learn, through the examples set by adults, to judge someone based on their looks or their wealth or how many cars they own (babies learn from observing, listening, watching). If people can learn to not play with someone because the colour of their eyes or hair, people most definitely can learn how to care for and treat all their friends and classmates equally and with as much compassion and empathy as the next child.

Humans are all equal. For some reason, in today’s age, some humans seem to be a little more equal than others. (Orwell, G., ’46.)

Your Call to Action

Join the #peace4all movement!

Do you hire people? Don’t judge an applicant in the interview based on their perceived age. May just have really nice skin.

>Work at a store? Why do they always send their undercover anti-theft staff after young males (and don’t make it so obvious – I love acting as if I’m trying to steal something from a store then catching the staff member red-handed following me in circles. PS, people don’t walk around in circles in stores – if they do, it’s probably me and I am likely messing with you (i.e., the anti-theft staff) as I enjoy watching you try to casually keep up.)

Your call to action – let’s get society valuing what people do. Our actions.

Based on your interest in this blog post, you may be interested in another recent blog post: click here.


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