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Before going further, I would like to thank everyone who provided me the opportunities to gain the knowledge that help in the development of the sponsorship resource. Another large thank you to those providing help and advice on edits, additions, and overall strategy.

Sponsorship 101

With many events starting the first few steps in planning their upcoming events, some tips on sponsorship.

A company’s goal (the same companies you may wish to have as sponsors) isn’t to make a flashy ad. Its marketing goal is to connect with new customers and strengthen its relationship with current consumers. Yes, it is about getting customers to make some money so they can pay their bills and workers.

How can your organization or event help them do that? Move beyond the cool ad you will give a business in your event program, and help them get some new customers. This is professional sponsorship.

Professional Sponsorship

If you go to a business and say, ‘give me $500 for your logo on some sign no one will look at,’ this does not give a good impression to a business owner. If you go in and say, ‘this is who (age, education, where they live, etc) is coming to our event (and how many), this is what we can offer to you as a sponsor (collecting email addresses so the business can contact people after the event). Can this help your business? If so, what else can we do to help you gain more customers?”

Don’t spend time on stock sponsorship flyers or programs – this sends the message it’s about you and not about the sponsor (there are no 2 businesses with identical marketing needs). They basically say that it is all about you (the event/organization) and the business better pay up or not be able to take part in the event. This is the amateur approach to sponsorship. If you’re reading this post, you’re likely a professional as you believe in professional development. Act professionally.

Sponsorship is about next year (fostering long term relationships), not about next week (taking a sponsor’s money and never communicating with the owner until next year when you want another cheque).

Sponsorship Help

Are you looking for sponsors? Are you part of an event or organization looking to get into sponsorship?

First, check out the resources I and my one3ag team are currently developing.

Please feel free to contact myself, Adam Goodwin, and/or one3ag to discuss how we can be helpful. Through one3ag financial awards, many organizations qualify for free sponsorship support from one3ag.

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