First Aid and Computers

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First-aid is a vital step in helping an individual or group of individuals after an incident. Actually, I was just reading about how it is mandatory to provide first-aid in Germany when you come across a car accident (I hope I would stop anyways, but a good thing to know next time (and the first time) I visit Germany).

Past Week

Over the past week, I have had to perform first aid 3 times (definitely a life high). Two were minor in scope, while the third was a test of stress and emotional management, but nothing I haven’t dealt with before (a year working with university as a UBC staff member (an RA) teaches you some things quickly).

Dealing with these situations, made me think about what if I hadn’t taken those first aid classes. What could I have done?


Many individuals and ‘experts’ are speaking about the benefits of technology. How robots can do the repetitive jobs so workers can do the more complex tasks. How automation can decrease the chance for human error and increase profits for a business.

There are areas of life where computers have replaced the human mind. What is your best friend’s phone number? Most people don’t know as it is programmed into the cell phone. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it does raise questions about the relationships between human knowledge and the role of technology.

What would have happened if I had never taken those first aid classes and had told myself, don’t worry, a computer will be able to tell me what to do. This thing is, I wouldn’t have known to recognize that a fellow human being (an individual with a beating heart, friends, family) may have needed help.

Am I suppose to go get my iPad, open some app, enter some information, wait for the internet to connect, then do what the computer tells me to do? I’d rather rely on human knowledge and doing something myself. In 2 of these situations, there was no internet. (Don’t worry, TELUS and BELL tell us, we’ll soon have the world covered in internet coverage for these very events.)

Your Call to Action

Take a moment and think, if technology was to suddenly be wiped out (let’s say there was a massive magnetic surge that wiped out IT equipment in your town/city), would you be able to survive and function? Technology and information technology is meant to aide humans, not replace humans.

Don’t let the human race lose the power of human knowledge and thinking. Is a human without a brain, really a human?

You may also be interested in reading these related blog posts: Google Glasses; IBM and Watson.


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