Smoke Prices

While I was in the USA (I was there for over 10 days between June and July 2013), I noticed the prices of cigarettes. They vary widely from state-to-state, and region-to-region.

I did a bit of research on these. Why does this occur? If there’s only a few firms manufacturing smoking death, why does this happen? Also, why do smokes prices increase?

Through some research, I found some very interesting information about cigarette prices.  Cigarette prices increase.  This is true.  These prices increase not to stop adults from starting or continuing to smoke.

Cigarette prices keep increasing not to stop adults from starting or continuing to smoke. It is to stop teenagers from smoking. Teens have very limited financial resources (they spend their days in school and have very few hours to make wages). By constantly increasing prices, makes it harder for teens to afford to purchase smokes.  This prevents them from starting to smoke or continuing to consume cigarettes.

On the flip side of increasing cigarette prices, the argument is this will force teenagers to spend more on smokes.  As some teens pay for their own extra curricular and social activities (due to the philosophies or financial position of parent(s)), increasing cigarette costs takes away from the teen being able to afford to pay for these activities.

Social and extracurricular activities are extremely important for a teen’s mental and social development.  Increasing smoke prices takes away from a teen’s ability to take part in these activities that are just as important as attending school, eating, and consuming water (8 cups a day).

The question is, is it ethical, knowing that the increased prices can hurt a developing child’s development, to continue approaching smoke prices as a way to try and prevent the number of individuals who smoke?  Is financial resources the best way to prevent smoking?


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