Business Success

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Business Success

To be successful in business, you must meet the needs of your current and prospective customers. This is the best way to be successful in business.

Instead of coming up with a product then trying to ram it down people’s throats through millions of Facebook posts and radio ads, the process should be the other way around. Down your throat info about your customers and what they need and want should be rammed. From this, you should develop a product/service/idea. Then you can using a promotional mix to communicate with prospective customers.

An Upcoming Need

An upcoming very large need relates to the aging demographics in BC and Canada. The population is quickly aging (e.g., the average age is getting older).

As the population gets older, they will likely suffer more and more illness and ailments. Some will not be sick and will some day pass away overnight peacefully. Others will get ill and be expected to die in the next few months yet will stick around for years.

In the end, humans all die. (If they ever come up with a pill that allows us humans to live forever, hope this time spent in immortality is with functional health and ability – is it still living if only a head in a jar?) Most individuals will have their lives celebrated by families and friends with a funeral.

This is a very large upcoming need. Funeral services. End-of-life services (insurance to deal with debt after death, legal wills, donations to charities).

This is what you want to do to be successful in business. Find out upcoming needs of society and figure out a way to help people meet this need. This is business success. Offering products and services to others to help individuals live up to their own abilities and dreams.

What is Success

Now, many people throw around the word ‘success.’ It’s a concept. Can be difficult to define.

Much like words such as happiness and healthy. Everyone wants to be healthy and happy. Not many can define it by articulating the meaning in words.

What is ‘success?’

It’s personal. Success for me is different than what you may consider to be success, or what is success for you (e.g., as an introvert, just attending a social event is success for me, whereas for you, if you don’t leave with 250 new Facebook friends and phone numbers, it hasn’t been a good evening).

Success is situational. Success for me in one situation (e.g., a social event as I’m an introvert) may be totally different in another situation (e.g., playing a pick-up basketball game with my brothers and dad – because obviously I will win). I’m okay with just showing up to a social event and don’t need to be front and centre. With basketball, just showing up isn’t enough for me. I need to be the hardest worker with the most hustle and effort to think it was a successful game.

These two lend itself toward a definition. Success is about what you are capable of. It’s about living up to your potential.

To say to be a successful track star is only if you can run under 10 seconds in the 100 metre sprint, is a good measure of success. However, this is a pretty bad yardstick if you are a high jumper. If you win an Olympic gold medal in high jump, I’d consider you a success. However, if track and field only measures it based on one’s ability to sprint 100m, then the ability to be successful is limited to a select few. This is why success is situational. Success for a high jumper is different than that of a 100m sprinter.

Your Call to Action

Now it’s your turn! Share your thoughts, ideas and tips by commenting below or connecting on social media. Even better, make a coffee date and let’s discuss some of your idea and thoughts in-person.

You may also be interested in reading this similar blog post I recently wrote by clicking here.


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