Tips for a Road Trip

Planning a road trip? Here are some tips I learned from my June-July 2013 trip.

USA Road Trip 2013

From late-June to mid-July 2013 I went on a road trip that took me from British Columbia, Canada to 4 USA states (Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho). Over the course of USA Road Trip 2013, I learned some tips about road trips. Some are below. Hopefully they are helpful.


This is likely your largest relative cost during a road trip. Gas Buddy Dot Com provides up-to-date pump prices for most gas stations in a city. Saving even a few cents per litre/gallon can add up quickly when traveling a few thousand kilometres/miles. (Perhaps enough to buy a guilty free chocolate bar.)


During my trip I mostly slept in the car or my tent. I recommend getting a hotel at least once, depending on the length. It allows for a physical and mental renewal period.

Likely most don’t care about hotel quality (mainly, just price), so check out Hotwire. This is one of the cheapest sites I have found for hotel prices.


Bring a cooler and stop at a grocery store each day. Purchasing ice lets you buy this such as fruit and vegetables. This is a huge savings and the food is likely healthier. This is essential as a road trip can be mentally tough so eat well and healthily to ensure lots of energy to enjoy the people, culture, sights, and fun.


Bring your flexibility with you. Go with a plan, but must be flexible. Just going from A to B is okay, and also allow yourself to stop somewhere that isn’t in the plan. These can be just as, if not more, fun.

Your Call to Action

Do you travel? Have any more tips? Comment below to share!


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