Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali

The greatest. The greatest athlete. The greatest boxer. The greatest Muslim boxer. He was great. A great athlete. An even greater person.

Below are two quotes from two individuals. Two big names in the sports world on the greatest name in the sports world.

Joe Paterno, Head Coach of Penn State University’s Football Program

The great Joe Paterno, one of the greatest football coaches of all time, recently said this about Ali:

I think every […] person who’s able to overcome the problems that surround them as he did and serve as a role model is important. Kids today are in desperate need of role models who not only succeed in the sports world, but once they’ve done that, have the ability […] to change social attitudes.

Joe passed away recently.

Jim Brown, NFL superstar and friend of Ali’s.

Jim Brown said once about Ali:

He wasn’t just a championship athlete. He was a champion who fought for his people. He was above sports; he was part of history. The man used his athletic ability as a platform to project himself right up there with world leaders.

Jim Brown was an NFL superstar and friend of Ali’s.

Your Call to Action

Spend a few minutes after reading this blog post, and reflect. Reflect about what you do for a living (as a career/job). A recent survey showed that when individuals are on their death bed (yes, we, humans, all do eventually die), many workaholics regret having worked so much or regret choosing their career field. This is a sobering idea. Think about it. If you had $50 million dollars (so could get into any school and hire any mentor you wanted), what would you do?

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