The Midnight Hour


As part of my support for Okanagan Elite Athlete’s #TakeTheActivePledge, I have added 30+ minutes more of physical activity each and every day.  Some of this 30+ more minutes comes in walks in the morning, activities throughout the day, or as I just recently did, a run at midnight.


There is a fascination with midnight.  It is the divide between today and tomorrow, yesterday and today.  What you tell yourself, ‘I’ll do that tomorrow,’ is now on the to-do list today.

Midnight is a bridge between P.M. and A.M., and 12-hour and 24-hour time.  It can mark the start of a new year, full of goals, promises, and bucket lists.  It can be a moment of reflection on a year of accomplishments, fun, successes, and learning.

During my recent midnight run, it got me thinking.  Why not do something once a month at midnight.  What would you do?  Below, I have started a small list.  Help it grow!

The Midnight Challenge

  • Turn off Facebook and Twitter, and go for a walk/run;
  • Read this blog post for an idea at 11:59PM, then turn off the computer and walk to a nearby 7-11 and get a snack you shouldn’t have (make sure it is safe to do so in your neighbourhood – the walk at midnight, not the snack);
  • Begin writing a letter (with pen and paper) to a grandparent or aunt;
  • Wake up your significant other or a roommate or someone who lives in your household, and go for a walk.  Use it as time together you may not get during the day between work, meals, and favorite TV shows;
  • Making a huge plate of cheese-covered-cheese-covering nachos;
  • Open an atlas and spend an hour dreaming of what it would be like to sail the Pacific Ocean and find an undiscovered island;
  • Start a book and read the first chapter;
  • Pick up a few pieces of litter in your neighbourhood;
  • Want to start running but don’t want the neighbours to see you run 200 metres then have to stop?  Hint: most people are asleep at this time.

Your Call to Action

These are just one person’s thoughts.

Now it’s your call to action! What’s something you want to do at midnight?  Let us know by commenting below or joining the conversation on social media!


I welcome and strive to get your feedback and own thoughts. Feel free to comment below or connect with me via social media. 

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