Quebec Soccer Federation

Some fantastic news coming out over the past few hours about the Quebec Soccer Federation’s decision to ban players wearing turbans.  I wrote a blog post about the story a few days ago (available here).

Canada Soccer Association

Any a few days ago, the Canada Soccer Association suspended the Quebec Soccer Federation for the federation’s decision to ban players from playing who wore turbans (a religious item).  Media reports also discussed how teams were revolting against the federation’s ban by wearing turbans during their games.


FIFA (Federation International de Football Association) stepped in to rule that they allow turbans (with a few rules: same color as the jersey).

What this all means

Some suggest the debate was not about religion at all and was about sport.  I tend to disagree.  When you prevent someone from playing or doing something based on their religion, then religion becomes part of the debate.  If the federation has shown how the turban is a safety issue, then the story would be a little bit different.  As they did not, then it’s hard to believe the federation’s director.

CBC Article

The CBC did several articles on the main story, the ban, and the surrounding issues and side-stories.  To view their article on the Quebec Soccer Federation’s reversal of its ban, coming yesterday, Friday, June 14, 2013, click here.


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