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I would like to send out my congrats to Canada Soccer for suspending the Quebec Soccer Federation (CBC story available here) over the Federation’s decision to ban turbans.

Some say Soccer Canada made the politically safe decision to suspend the Quebec group. However, I think society is now above making these type of decisions based on politics and “looking good.” Many, and obviously not all, individuals understand how ancient and immoral these policies are.

If they made a political-based decision then they probably would have never banned the Quebec Soccer Federation. Why? No one says no to Quebec because they’re scared it will end up being a English vs French debate. A discrimination somehow based on language. (I lived in Quebec so know some of the head-scratching conversations overheard.)

Your Call to Action

Next up is to get the last remaining white-only golf courses to change their silly and self-centred policies.

If you think it is wrong and injustice that non-white people can’t play on a golf course, then join I. The fight to change these out-of-touch rules and beliefs.

CBC Article

CBC article is available here:


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