3 Thought Provoking Questions

Three questions

Recently, I was asked three thought provoking questions.

The first was, “List 27 things I would like to experience before I die.”  The second was, “If you won the $50 million lottery (after tax), how would your life and work change?”  The third was, “It is 2020.  Your life is on TV.  You are living your ideal life.  What would a week of the TV show be like?”

List 27 things I would like to experience before I die

This seems to be similar to bucket lists and goals.  The wording is what caught my attention.  Many people ask things like, “what is your goal?”  Not many people speak about accomplishments before death.  Perhaps it is because this gives a definitive aspect to human life.  It is not infinite.

Now it’s your turn.  Start to make a list.  Share the list.  You never know who might come along and help you accomplish one of your dream experiences. 

If you won the $50 million lottery, how would your life and work change

I was reading recent articles and research.  Many people’s life change for a few years then go back to pre-lottery lifestyle.  Some of this is due to the fact they spend all the money.  Others, the money becomes too much with family members and friends constantly asking for money.

Stop, and spend a few minutes thinking about what would you actually do if you won the lottery.  This is different from what you think you would do.

It is 2020.  Your life is a TV show.  You are living your ideal life.  What would of your TV show be like?

In other words, this is asking, in 10+ years you are living your ideal life (this assumes perhaps you are not now).  What would your perfect life include?  Moving to the tropics? Reading all day?  Going back to be a full-time student?  Giving all your time, money, and things to charities and community organization each and every day?

Wouldn’t that be kind of cool.  Your life is so ideal, they make it into a TV show.  What is stopping you?  Likely money.  Happiness will always lead to an infinite amount of wealth.

So, what would it look like for you?  And just to make you feel good, I would likely watch it.  Just sayin’.

Your call to action

Get out a piece of paper and write down some of your initial thoughts and answers to these questions.  Be honest.  You don’t have to share with anyone, if you do not want to.

If you feel like sharing, let us know by commenting below or connecting with us on social media!


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