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When we’re children, we dream of becoming firefighters, garbage men, teachers, doctors (these were some of my dream jobs when I was younger). Through TV shows and popular culture, we are conditioned to dream of becoming CEOs and businessmen. Usually for the money and power, not for the ability to change the world. We are conditioned to believe that monetary wealth leads to happiness. Around the late teen years/young adulthood, many realize happiness and passion come first, and wealth follows. And usually this great wealth is not monetary (it takes some until their deathbed to learn this).

The Promise

For those of you who read my blog and still believe society’s Promise that unlimited financial resource will lead to a happy and healthy life, I have a tip to help you make your first billion. Skip the million, and rise straight to billions.

The World

The world now has 7 billion citizens. This presents some global challenges and issues. How do you feed 7 billion people 3 meals, and 2-3 snacks a day? 5 billion make less than $5000 per year so many of these grandparents, parents, teens, and children can’t afford, or have access to food suppliers, to eat 6 times a day (research in Western cultures suggest this is optimal as it keeps the metabolism rate at a stimulated level, which allows the body to burn more calories over a day). So perhaps only 1-2 meals a day.

Basic Human Physiology

Having a community health promotion degree, I studied parts of human physiology, health, and lifestyles for the greater part of four years. A bit of basic human physiology to help you understand how the human body functions (on an elementary level). This will provide context for how to become a billionaire.

Someone picks up a fork, puts the fork in their mouth, chews a few times (a side note – the more you chew, the slower you eat, and the slower you eat, tend to be a bit physically healthier), swallows. The food is broken down by the teeth, in the stomach by acids, then the small and large intestines. The intestines absorb nutrients into the blood system. The heart pumps blood full of nutrients (glucose molecules, and atoms of oxygen) to cells (heart, muscles, eyes, and other organs) in the body. The cells use the glucose and oxygen to carry out the function of the particular cell.

You don’t eat to just help your body function (you do, but it’s a little more complicated). It’s more specifically required by your cells to carry out the cell’s specific function. It’s somewhat like when a human body stops functioning. The human body doesn’t just die (it’s not black and white, it is a process). From a physiological perspective, it is a process. The heart stops beating for some reason (perhaps there’s a loss of blood volume – how much blood is in your blood vessels). Oxygen and nutrients aren’t delivered to the brain and heart. With no nutrients or oxygen, this adds to the heart not beating. Without nutrients and oxygen to the brain, the areas of the brain (language, vision, movement, thinking, learning) can’t carry out their functions for very long. Death is caused by a lack of nutrients and oxygen – the wound leading to the loss of blood volume is the instigator. Of course, this is on a microscopic and physiological level. There’s the psychological and sociological aspects (how does the structure of social class lead to the stabbing), which different people (sociologists, politicians, policy experts, lobbyists, etc) and organizations (police departments, government agencies, etc) are interested in. This goes further than this post (we could go all the way up to a society’s values, and culture that lead to a stabbing).

The Human Food Network

People need to eat. Eating helps the body function and continue to thrive. Keep humanity functioning and people consuming goods.

It is quiet amazing to think that somewhere, a farmer plants some seeds. A farm hand waters the field. The tractor is fired up to cultivate the agriculture product. This is delivered to a factory. From there, it is put on a ship or truck to be delivered to a market or retail outlet. Someone drives, cycles, or walks to the market and purchases some of these fresh produce. They turn on their stove (someone, somewhere is producing electricity). It’s all a beautiful web.

Does this system have a capacity? (Getting close to the secret to a billion.) With the world’s population still exploding in many regions and countries, when does this system of agriculture, processing, and distribution reach max capability? When there’s no more agriculture land? This is likely as the transportation industry (roads, rail, water, and air) seem to be good at adjusting to increased demands on transportation networks. When you run out of land, you run out of land. Until we learn to grow food on the oceans.

There’s no new land to develop and cultivate to grow food for human (and farm animal) consumption. Are we screwed?

No. There’s an alternative.

The Alternative

The next major food source that will explode onto the globe stage is a little squirmy. A little dirty. A little icky. Scary. Bugs. Yes, bugs.

Want to be a billionaire? Start investing in learning and networking in the bug field. Learn to breed, raise, and distribute bugs from a tree’s leaf to a human’s plate on tables around the world. Begin networking with the CEOs of cargo companies (airlines) and retailers (Safeway).


When you begin your research and development, remember the importance of today’s global marketplace. You won’t just be selling to Canadians and Americans. You could be selling to Russian citizens, amongst the other 150+ countries.

Just a note about Russians, using info from potato chips. Russians prefer meat, dairy, and seafood-flavored chips. May be helpful to use these flavors with your bug products.

Bug Eating

Will people eat bugs? May be left with little choice when vegetable and fruit alternatives are needed.

To pick another taboo topic (bug eating makes many stomachs churn), perhaps ideas and beliefs will change. Look at alcohol. Whereas, it used to be that none was good and some/lots was bad, it’s now shown that a little bit of alcohol is good (can relax consumers which results in both psychological and physical benefits). Now, socially responsibly consuming alcohol is more widely accepted and promoted.

If a bug tastes just like chicken, and has health benefits, then it is really mind over matter. When it’s a choice between not eating and eating bugs, my guess would be that many will opt to eat some crunchy animals over starving.

Good Luck

There’s the secret to becoming a billionaire. Invest today in the insects-as-a-food-source industry. When we need new food sources due to a lack of agriculture land and capacity, governments and food distributors will soon knock on your door. Recruit the top researchers in insects, experts in food processing and distribution, experts in global marketing, and some of the best minds in nutrition. With the population passing the 7 billion mark, there will soon be a need for this new food (protein) source.

Best of luck. Remember, share a bit of your wealth back with the communities, regions, neighborhoods, and people where you have your bug processing and distribution infrastructure. A bit of luck, mentorship, hard work, smarts, and support got you from zero to a billion.


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