Will countries disappear

If you think of who makes up countries, it is very simple. People born there. The geography we can see and touch, smell and taste, the sounds we hear are all determined by where we are born. (This of course ignores immigration and ancestor citizenship. I will get there.)

In previous centuries, religion tied us together. Or at least vast majorities of groups. These religions, which gave one higher purpose, connected us to each other.

Now we are tied together by where we live. I do not meant this is bad. It is natural. What if, in the future, we get to decide where we live based on what we like and not based on what we can’t control – citizenship and location of our parents while still in the womb (if you can control this, you are one super baby).

Business is centred around free markets. The next turn in citizenship could be free choice. Instead of being a Canadian, I will be a Environmental-lian. In what is now northern Canada will soon be the country Environmental Land. Everyone who wants to live there wants to live off the land and be one with the land. No cars, toxic gases and oils. The land, Mother Nature, and individual are one. Harmony. Peaceful relationship.

Never before have humans had more choice – choice in what product we buy, where we live (as long as it is in our country), where we shop, the house and car we buy.

Look at the European Union. People from different countries in the EU can decide where to live and work. They can move freely around as if the Union is one large country. They are no longer confined by country, but by continent.

This could have huge impacts on people and society. Would the less well-off be shipped to the less ideal places to live – Antarctica or the middle of the desert where agriculture and farming is impossible – so the 1.95% richest of people in the world (people in Canada, USA, parts of Europe – yes, you are likely one of the top 2% richest people in the world) can have the ‘best’ land.

If we were each given a one way ticket to anywhere in the world it would be interesting to see where people would pick. Would people move based on weather, opportunity, wealth, family, housing, money, socialist principles, isolation? Would we go to a land full of hope and friendship? Who would pick material and economic wealth to the loss of knowledge? One or the other. Not both.

Would Canada become the place for people who want to pay higher taxes in order to spread wealth by supporting less well-off people’s healthcare and education? It would be an interesting science experiment.

Just like in the past centuries when it was religion that connected people and what people shared – those values and principles – would people with the value for trust and honest congregate together? Could we put all those with an addiction to capitalism, weapons, killing and wars together so they extinct that human gene from the human gene pool! Get rid of their passive and brainwashed minds!

Think how easy passport control and customs would be. “So, you’re from the Republic of Love? Well that’s pretty easy. Go ahead. And you’re from the Country of We Love War. Sorry sir, you cannot enter our country, the Federation of Long Walks on the Beach.”

Perhaps the current system of diversity is perfect. Maybe forces more powerful than wealthy CEOs and government policies have shaped the world to be diverse. It is the purpose perhaps of human life. To live in balance and harmony. To learn from others and treat others with love and respect.

As a young boy, I dreamed of one nation, Earth, where people were judged on their values, character, work ethic, and friendship. Not where one lived (a certain rich neighbourhood, or a well-off country). A world where boys could dream freely, and girls could walk happily.

In Western culture we may not now that for most of the world’s society, this is not true. A girl can’t walk happily down a street without fear of rape or kidnapping. A boy cannot dream of being a NBA star, or an astronaut. He will be a soldier or slave for his communist government (if a communist party can be called a government).

Will countries disappear? As the world understand the world is less about the physical (looks, ownership of physical objects), perhaps. Perhaps diversity will strengthen one’s love for their country. Old men can debate the good ole days. College students can debate increased tuition, some saying they would rather pay higher fees and have better services while others say they would want a cheap education.

We will see. As more of the world becomes educated and learns of fundamental freedom, the past that has defined countries will disappear. It is human nature to be helpful.

I just think the Western world is forgetting who is the teacher and who is the student, in the game of life.


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