My Opinion on Technology

If you read some of my blog posts, you may come to the conclusion I don’t like technology. Or, I think technology is bad.

I don’t. I think technology is a very good thing. In certain situations, we need and can rely on technology to be a resource to civilization.

What I don’t like. Technology is taking over humans. I think we are almost becoming a new species. It’s the ME era. And ME is short for me. As in, I. Myself. Mine. Not you or they. Me. My Facebook video. My Tweet. My iPod and iPad and Mini iPad and Mac Book.

Technology does have a role in society. Last October 2012, I had the privilege to do one of the most exciting and challenging things in my life. Be a team leader at We Day 2012 Vancouver presented by Free the Children and Me to We. Both these organizations are relying on technology to help feed children (biotechnology), educate children (faster ways to build schools), and give children shelter (better ways to ensure safe housing). Children around the world will rely on engineers, doctors, teachers, activists, people using technology to help save them from the third-world socitey they wake up to each day. Socities that can’t feed them. Can’t free them. A society that brings in to the world, but can’t keep them on this world.

Technology plays an important part in saving human lives. Keeping families together. Stopping a doctor from making a mistake (and thus avoids ruining the doctor’s family, too).

But then i don’t like why a doctor needs to increase his fees. I don’t like how people need raises so they can buy more toys. BC has record highs for meat prices. No one is talking about that. However, Best Buy is having a sale on TVs. Why is that circled on the calendar while a trip to the local Farmers’ Market isn’t? TVs are becoming needs to fuel our need for stimulation and exclusion. We must watch this TV show tonight so we can be part of tomorrow’s work conversation at the lunch table. Conversations used to be about volunteering and our kids and our adventures. Things we did. Now they’re about TV. Things we passively get fatter doing. Local, fresh produce is now the want and no longer a need. A new cell phone for your kid is a need because they won’t shut up that their best friend has one. You don’t have a strong relationship with your child. The only thing you do together is eat dinner in front of the TV, passively letting hours march by.

What I do not like is how people watch 4-8 hours a day of TV. This is passive. How people get anxious if their phone dies and they are not able to recharge it immediately (they’re using it in the bathroom and can’t wait the 30 seconds to plug it in). You may laugh, but many people do this (the anxious part, I’m only guessing about the bathroom as I read it somewhere).

People are getting laid off from their employees due to advancements in technology. This is okay if society had other jobs for these moms and dads responsible for feeding the mouths of their 2.14 children. A parent having to work 3-4 part-time jobs is almost worst. The TV becomes the babysitter. What choice does someone have?

This is what gets me worked up about technology. Humans don’t want to think or learn. They want to consume more, larger, and better. Technology does a role. It is a resource for society and humans.

We were not meant to allow the machines to control us. We were designed to work together, with our bodies and minds, with our friends and family, with our bosses and employees, all to have a successful and happy life. Our strongest relationship is no longer with a pen and paper to write and think. It is with our thumbs and laptops sitting on our laps (no room for baby or the cat).

Technology is meant to help, not replace life.


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