Films I Would Recommend – Part II

You can see Part I (1) of Films I Would Recommend, by clicking here.

Below, are some films I would recommend individuals watch. A variety of topics, both fiction and non-fiction. Feel free to add your thoughts or suggestions in the comments or at @adam13goodwin!

Lars and the Real Girl, Paramount

A socially awkward young man, living in his brother’s garage, develops a mental illness. He falls in love with a sex/love doll. The brother and his wife, along with the entire town, work to accept Lars’s girlfriend. With the love and acceptance of his family, friends, church, and the entire community, Lars eventually begins to make peace with his past – the death of his mother while giving birth to him, and a very distant and cold father. The movie is surprisingly thick in character development, plot, and the emotional connection between storyteller and film viewer. The entire film crew – actors, director, producers, writers do a splendid job balancing sensitive topics around death, childhood, mental illness, pain, loss, love, sibling relationships, friendship, courage, inclusion, life, and hope to tell the story of an individual’s love with a plastic doll. To a new light source in times of cloudy skies and rocky seas. You can find out more about Ryan Gosling as the young Lars, by visiting Lars and the Real Girl, online.


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